Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall update...

So it's been a while once again... lots going on but at the same time nothing really to write about. My new job is still the same old, keeping me on my toes and makes me think.... a lot, sometimes about things I shouldn't think about! Biking is really lacking in my life right now. Since the Crank, I've probably had a couple or so rides in. But I've been able to work on some trails and had some great hikes. The fall is so far pretty good, a winter scare that past by pretty quick and now we're back to fall again, nice and brisk. I was hoping to get on my cross bike this year, but then I took up another project on the house, and when I start something I get caught up in it. I put in a little mudroom in front of my hall way coming in to the house. Pictures later..

Now the biggest news on what's going on now is the dogs! Yesterday we took off from FtMcMurray and headed to Edmonton first, quick stop to pick up my fixed green machine.. there was more to the derailleur problem than I thought. The seat stay actually cracked and now I have a temporary new one until we get the new design of 2010 in, which should fix the problem of a apparently poor design. Though the purpose and destination of the trip was SK, Big River! This morning we completed the trip and dropped off Sequoia and Toby at the Trailrunners Pet Resort and training centre.... they are there not for pedicures but for training! aahh..
We have heard good things about this place and for a while thought about enrolling them into some sort of a program to deal with some of the unwanted behavior. And now they are gone for 30 days! It looks like a very neat place, we did a quick tour of it, before taking off and back to McMurray. Toby didn't look too impressed, he shook and cried a bit, and Sequoia watched the truck when we left until we were out of sight, sad as well. But I know this is the best for them and hopefully they will settle in just fine. I'm probably as disturbed as they at this point and many times during the drive home the thought of turning around to pick them up came to me. But I made it home, and with no doggies :(

The next few weeks I'll make sure to stay busy... I'm working all through this week, then I take off on a marathon trip to Hurricane UT! Meet up with Steve and Karen to race a 24hr there. Not sure what I'm thinking, but as usually probably not thinking at all!!! Hopefully Steve is prepared to ride a lot! Apparently I'll be picked up in Vegas (luxury motor home will be waiting) and off to Hurricane Thursday night, then race start Saturday and end Sunday, then I fly back Sunday shortly after race. Should be very little time to miss the dogs :) Then a week of training in Edmonton followed by a trip to FL to see my dad :) So lots of fun coming my way... and before I know it, I'll be on my way back to Big River, SK to pick up the champion dogs!!

I will try to keep some progress updates as it goes on, though I'm sure the trainers are quiet busy, so they probably won’t answer my hours request of updates :)

Miss you pups!! be good..