Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tour de Cochrane...

...with Craig and his tour divide race friend.

Since Im without a truck it seemed like a great option. Meet for breakfast and ride part ways to Banff with the tour divide guys. Why someone who is about to ride from Banff to the Mexican boarder feels the urge to do the same, well thats beyond me and is probably classified as insanity. But I was happy to show the group from US, Croatia, Australia and UK our awesome winter loop (off course taking out some of what Craig would have totally encourage on a regular outing).
A little bit of trouble with the constructions authority as we left Bowness, but we politley turned around as we always do.....:)
Then a little bush wacking when the river had washed our trail out; but what is a ride without it....not a Craig ride.
Made it about 20 seconds on the railroad track and a big shotgun sound. A tire totally blew of the guys rim, but a tube did a quick fix and Craig was happy it wasnt the choice of route :)
The group was pretty impressed with the bike path throuh the valley; i am too, every ride I do. It took us a while so in cochrane i had to skip coffe and rush home to a meeting. On my way out I once again got in trouble with the construction authority; this time no signage or proper blocking and a super angry guy. I told him politley what I thought and now I was late. But not too late to swing by Tuscany ravines for a little bit of single track. Took the proper way out to avoid jail time and made it to my meeting with a few minutes to spare.....

In the mean time the rest of the guys, including Craig is pedaling to Banff to start their journey on Friday. Wish them all the best of luck and of course we will do a little bit of extra cheering for Craig. The quicker he rides the sooner Ill have my regular riding buddy back; the one that is always up for an adventure. He looks super confident and ready this year; watch out record holder....

Now the plan for tomorrow...truck is delayed in shop so it might help me decide...long drive for a day of racing or short drive for some riding and coffee in the pass or no drive and local trails.... Lets see what the weather does :)

Happy Riding!

A short...

...but sweet ride Tuesday ride, a rare occasion for me this year. Up Ridgeback and Moosepackers, down Pnuma and Race of spades :)

I'll probably never get board of this simple loop. When I ride on my own I like to keep it simple and known and even though it feels its the only loop Ive done this year, it makes me happy.
I had plans for a little longer version (BOK65), but the fog and cold feet made me wimp out short.

If your looking for a great couple hours after work this is the loop.

Happy Riding!

Monday, June 10, 2013

The few things....

....that just makes the Monday post race weekend so great.

...leaving work knowing no return until next Monday
...arriving home with box in the mail box and discover the long lost ceramic kit
...putting baggies on for a recover ride
...riding a clean bike and making it up the hill i always screw up on
...getting a massage
...checking weather and plan another ride

Ah if only every Monday was like that :)

Happy Riding!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Second and many more...

...rides have gone down, and I'm still in love with my new two wheels :) I'm terrible at updating this blog so the quick summary goes something like and lots of work, visit from home and trip to Moab, lots of mud and rain on my weekends so already down a chain. Not too many mountain rides but the few has been great; a couple of visits to Minnewanka, the trail that feels like downhill in both direction, a couple of Bragg Creek last with Trish. One of my all time favourite climbs, up ridgeback and moose and when at the top chose Shaft if legs got lots more, or Pnuma down to Race of Spades for a smile fest down to the car. Highland trail also got one visit and it is always good fun. But best if time to include trans Canada trail as well. Besides that several in the city rides. We are surrounded by some great trail system in our back yard and this spring early summer they have come to rescue a few times. 

So now that I'm back on track... Race season started and with no real set agenda I'm watching the weather and picking and choosing good rides or race that way. Missed wiskey50 as work got in the way, but Moab was a good second choice. Missed Nimby50 as weather looked not great and I felt like riding more than just one day race. Got two good days or riding and when Sunday looked not so food here Edmonton ABA race 2 was a good trip for riding in the sun a few weeks ago. Super fun to have a real race with some super fast women in the field. Got my butt kicked by Pepper and Tara W. and not far behind the rest of a fast field. Good fun. Last weekend the dead goat put on two good events. Had a great ride in Bragg Friday, raced an awesome short course Saturday and ended with a mud fest on Sunday for the giver8er. This weekend another great riding weekend. Thursday city ride, Friday with Trish in Bragg, there is no easy ride when Trish is out :) Then an awesome short course in Canmore for spin sisters  aba 4 race. So great to ride and not even have to touch the bike, quick dust off and ready to go. And again ending with a  mudfest in the 5 hr Organ Grinder. Legs and mind was not all there today so happy to have a rest day at work tomorrow :) 

So yes, the bike has gone from first ride and made it safely through rough riding, been playing a little bit with setup and now found a nice light seat that feels ok, shortened handlebars about 5mm on each end and turned stem for a bit lower front, and I besides today with a very rough course, I do think its my ultimate race machine. Still look forward to trying the Superfly100 when it is in.

No flying north this week, with a few days off to decide for Test of Metal or mountain riding this weekend. Lets see what the weather brings. 

Happy Riding :)