Thursday, November 05, 2009

Almost half way there..

.. for one of them anyway...

The last update from the Training Centre is that Toby is continuing on with regular obedience, while Sequoia will the next week be in specific training to work on her issues of aggression towards other dogs. This was the main reason for "shipping" her off. She will most of the time play great with dogs, she'll lay down and let little dogs play on her, she will be pulled and she will pull, she'll behave like a good dog. Then there is the occasion when she'll start to show signs of stress and dislike with the play, she'll start off whit lifting her lips a little bit, if this doesn't turn the other dog around, she'll show the pretty white teeth, most of the time this will turn the other dog around, but in the case of the other dog not taking this "dominance", it'll go to the next step --> doggie fight!! She does not accept that other dogs want to be the alpha and this is not acceptable to me as it creates situations out of my control. She is big and can easily cause lots of damage. On trail runs I always have to worry about meeting other dogs as on the trail it she is more likely to try to be dominant than at the dog park. This is my favorite time with them, as well as their favorite time, and I'd like to be able to give them this time. As a dog owner it's hard to accept that your loving, huggable, fluffy dog needs work. If Sequoia did never have to deal with other dogs or people, she is the perfect dog for me. But what kind of life would that mean to her? Be on a leach for the rest of her life, no more socializing at the dog park, no more being a dog!? That is how a lot of people would deal with this issue. Keep the dog away from what could turn ugly or stressful situations. I'm hoping it can be different and that training Sequoia the right way, she can be a good dog, more predictable and earn the right to enjoy a real dog life! So that is her focus for the next week! This also means she'll be one week behind in the regular obedience training, which Toby is on right now, so unfortunately her stay will be extended with an extra week. But in the end she'll be a happier dog, and I'll just have to suffer one more week of withdrawal.
Toby is on schedule as far as I know. No real update on how he is adjusting but I'm exited that he is halfway through and soon to come home. It's been a real experience to be part for this long, most people that do not have pets will not understand this connection, but they become such big part of your life and when not around it truly is an adjustment.
I missed the race in UT last weekend due to work. I finished up work late Saturday night and headed down to Edmonton Sunday for a training course.
This last week in Edmonton have been ok, the weather for this time of the year is great! I got to try out the Ibis Mojo last night and really like it, though very unsure about what bike to get if I go a bit bigger. Suggestions???
Course is done today, just having lunch as we speak, then Saturday I'll fly out to sunny FL to visit with my dad. Very exiting! Tomorrow I'll head down to Calgary for the day, maybe get a ride in.

Enjoy the November weather,
happy riding,

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall update...

So it's been a while once again... lots going on but at the same time nothing really to write about. My new job is still the same old, keeping me on my toes and makes me think.... a lot, sometimes about things I shouldn't think about! Biking is really lacking in my life right now. Since the Crank, I've probably had a couple or so rides in. But I've been able to work on some trails and had some great hikes. The fall is so far pretty good, a winter scare that past by pretty quick and now we're back to fall again, nice and brisk. I was hoping to get on my cross bike this year, but then I took up another project on the house, and when I start something I get caught up in it. I put in a little mudroom in front of my hall way coming in to the house. Pictures later..

Now the biggest news on what's going on now is the dogs! Yesterday we took off from FtMcMurray and headed to Edmonton first, quick stop to pick up my fixed green machine.. there was more to the derailleur problem than I thought. The seat stay actually cracked and now I have a temporary new one until we get the new design of 2010 in, which should fix the problem of a apparently poor design. Though the purpose and destination of the trip was SK, Big River! This morning we completed the trip and dropped off Sequoia and Toby at the Trailrunners Pet Resort and training centre.... they are there not for pedicures but for training! aahh..
We have heard good things about this place and for a while thought about enrolling them into some sort of a program to deal with some of the unwanted behavior. And now they are gone for 30 days! It looks like a very neat place, we did a quick tour of it, before taking off and back to McMurray. Toby didn't look too impressed, he shook and cried a bit, and Sequoia watched the truck when we left until we were out of sight, sad as well. But I know this is the best for them and hopefully they will settle in just fine. I'm probably as disturbed as they at this point and many times during the drive home the thought of turning around to pick them up came to me. But I made it home, and with no doggies :(

The next few weeks I'll make sure to stay busy... I'm working all through this week, then I take off on a marathon trip to Hurricane UT! Meet up with Steve and Karen to race a 24hr there. Not sure what I'm thinking, but as usually probably not thinking at all!!! Hopefully Steve is prepared to ride a lot! Apparently I'll be picked up in Vegas (luxury motor home will be waiting) and off to Hurricane Thursday night, then race start Saturday and end Sunday, then I fly back Sunday shortly after race. Should be very little time to miss the dogs :) Then a week of training in Edmonton followed by a trip to FL to see my dad :) So lots of fun coming my way... and before I know it, I'll be on my way back to Big River, SK to pick up the champion dogs!!

I will try to keep some progress updates as it goes on, though I'm sure the trainers are quiet busy, so they probably won’t answer my hours request of updates :)

Miss you pups!! be good..


Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 3 cts

Wow, what a day!
Brisk morning but the camp offered a great breakfast buffet and hot coffee to get us going. The day would start with a 17km neutral ride to the start then 54km to the finish. My favorite day last year.
A pretty fast start so I let off to not burn and bonk like the day before as I knew the last part of the course was demanding as well. I only had about 5 min on second but not too concerned as I knew our differences. So if I can just keep her behind me or in contact until secon half ill be good.
She eventually caught up to me on some of the longer road sections and I did what I could to just hang on. I manage to do so until we hit the beginning of the fun for the day. We chatted and I had no worries as we rode away on some fun single track. All of a sudden on a flat I hear Snap! What! My derailure is on the ground attached to the cable only on wrong side of wheel with a spoke stuck around cogs. Oh well. I had a spare hanger so no worries a few minutes and I should be back up. But as the new hanger went on I had to take the half left on the deraillure off, but that was not gone happen. It was jammed and bent so it was impossible to get off. A few strong guys and some hammering rocks but no luck! So eventually I had to accept the fact that it was done. I had no cable cutter and my fancy cement end made it impossible (for me anyway) to get deraillure off so with some back patches and old tape it was mounted on the chainstay. The spoke a problem at this point. I made it a single speed but as I rode chain kept coming off or putting so much tension on the wheel that it bent and rubbed the frame. I made it to the second feed and got some help setting chain but shortly after it snapped! And it snapped a few times. I'm now pro with the chain tool! From second feed to end it wad about 17km. I jogged and walked most ups and flats and rolled down. At on down my nicely wrap of a spoke decided to unwrap so I got some plastic bag and had to tie it off to another spoke. But the weather was great, the lakes I rode by beautiful and the many riders I got to ride with briefly as they flew by made it all worth to keep jogging along. The single track decent were still great and so was the BBQ waiting for me at the finish!
All in all I've been spared for major mechanicals for all my races so this is just part of the game. I missed the podium this day and the overall win but held on to second.
Sarah finished in great shape today. Three days of long hours in the saddle, what a way to jump into the mountain bike racing. Very impressive, way to go Sarah!
So with all my trouble I ended up winning a Norco bike frame. Not bad. Thanks to Norco for helping out with breaks and supporting the event.
Crank the Shield is well put on, a great fall event with great riding and highly recommended. Now boarding flight enroute Fort McMurray.

Happy Riding
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sarah is back!

She did it again! Long day in the saddle but nothing was gone stop her from finishing todays 87 km ride. She had a good day and ready for some dinner and a shower!
Good Job!

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Day 2 cts

The Juicy loaner worked great!
The stage today started with breakfast at six, load bags and then a short ride on the hgw to the start line. It was pretty cool but perfect again for riding. The start was a little quicker than yesterday and things felt really good today. The trail was lots of fun, lots of ups and downs on exposed rock and dirt and with the ability to stop in an instant I could enjoy all the decents to the fullest. I felt so great I totally forgot about the importance of eating! With less than 30 km to go (mostly double track and rail road) I hit the wall to the point of no recovery. I ate, drank and "rested" but there was no coming back. So I accepted the fact that for the remaining rail road ride it was gone be about survival.
I made it home and overall the fun today totally makes it a great day of riding and a valuable lesson learned to add to the experience.
Had a ice bath in the warm lake and waiting for Sarah. I hope she had an equally great day.
More to come!

Happy Riding!
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Day 1 cts

Red spots on carpet under bike should not be ignored!
The little bit of rain in the morning stopped by the time of the start. The day brought pretty perfect riding weather. But right off the start something seemed more wrong with my rear break than before. It was totally dead! I tried to do a bit of pumping but nothing. Then I though of the red spot at the hotel, guess it wasn't there before and soon ill probably see the bill in the mail. The good thing is I still had a front break but my head was not getting over the dissapointment of the break after spending all the prior morning getting them fixed. Long story short I never got into it Day 1. Legs didn't have it, head was off and all the great added single track that I should normally enjoy was just a pain. At the very end I manage to turn my mindset around and started focusing on the amazing scenery with the rocky single track and beautiful lake.

Sarah on the other hand had a great day! When I finally found her she was still smiling and I'm happy as it was definitely a very demanding course. Con grats on pulling through stage one!

Stage 2 will be less technical but still good riding on lots of exposed rock so with a rear break on loan (thanks to the Norco folks!) I hope for a better day.

Happy riding!
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Friday, September 18, 2009


We made it to Haliburton just before seven after a pretty scenic drive up. We did registration and looked at the course for tomorrow. Its new from last year and the story is less water and some new cut single track. It might even become the best of the three. We will see.
There was a lodge restaurant at the park so we decided to eat before heading to hotel. Food looked great but hidden behind the great look was some way overcooked pasta and bland sauce and a yacky feeling after. The window view was pretty though, so all is good.
Another 20+ km and we are now at the hotel. Bikes are tuned and bags repacked in the new crank bags, a little upgrade from last year. Sarah even tested her new race outfit, crank it up!
Race start at ten thirty, possible showers, 15-18 degrees, should be a good day for riding!

Happy riding!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crank it up Sarah!

We are on our way! ETA hopefully before 8pm.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She didn't flee the country...

Sarah did come get me and she is still riding though we almost didn't make it off the airport..but after a few variations of packing we got on our way.
Had a little spin around the hood here and bike seems good besides the rear break issue which will be tackled tomorrow...
Nite site and happy dreams!
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Crank the Shield 2 days to start

So I made it to the city of Toronto and waiting for Sarah to finish school so she can pick me and my luggag up. Been sitting at the airport chilling and pondering if my box will fit in Millie or Nellie, Sarahs little ripper car. Maybe I should just unpack and build bike while waiting.
The last few weeks haven't really been dedicated to biking and race prep. But I'm still exited to be back. Even with lack of fitness I hope to see a great event put on by Chico racing. Last year, despite a wet course everyone left happy and with some new friends in the cycling world. Unfortunately Chad had to back our due to work, but as replacement, Sarah has stepped u to the challenge and will race in his spot. Way to go!
3 days in the Haliburton area, added single track since last year and hopefully the same stellar catering! Very exiting. I will do my best to post each stage.
Today I hope to build bike and maybe I can get my rear break functional tomorrow at a shop. If not I guess ill just be going extra fast.
Hmmm where is Sarah? ....more to come..

Happy riding!
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Friday, July 31, 2009

Intermontane day 5 - time to show some respect.....

... to the riders!

Here is a link to a fellow rider that have pulled out My response to her was;
"I 100% support you in your decision to leave the race and I was very surprised in the little response in the riders meeting during the discussion. I was very close to not racing on day 4 but ended up riding as I love to ride and so far in the event I had very little fun. I did enjoy the trails yesterday, but felt wrong by starting and going through the finish line. Today I will pull out as well, in support of all of us that have spent time and money to come out for this event. There are many events we could have chosen, but we chose this one. These sorts of events are a business and if you promise a product you need to deliver. In my field there is no way I could get away with attempting something I didn't know anything about. I think we all have the some rights here, but we can not keep showing up at the start line. Unfortunately or fortunately, there is only one day left. I'd love to ride the hills, but I can do that on my own time, lets not support this race until it shows some professionalism and come clean."

So with that, I'm out! I would like to thank all the volunteers and people around the event that has been pulled in to this mess with all best intentions. With out these people no event can go on and there would be no races on any level, so thank you!

Happy Riding!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 4 Intermontane - to bad it took 3 trials... make day 4 a great event. 10 km longer than announced but minor at this point. The course (97 km) was well marked, a few road climbs but when the decent is good then its all worth it. It felt like a good endurance mountain bike race. There were lots of smiling volunteers, not sure were they all came from, but they kept us on track and fed. Unfortunately a little late in the game as some pros decided not to start.
As for my day. I started with same game plan, go easy when road and save legs for fun single track. It worked well, it was about 40 km before any real fun, and after that it was 30 km of great fun. Still tough as it was up and down on roots and loose rocks, before ten km of fun fast down hill. I was smiling all the way down. Unfortunately another Canondale guy went down very hard and was sent to hospital. I hope he is ok. At the last feed I'd passed three girls and many guys so I was pleased. And I thought it would be a cruise to the finish. But they took us up behind TRU for some more climbs and more fun downhill. Had a great day but after almost hundred km I was happy to get back to the cooling tub and my support.

Tomorrow is a TT, so of course not gone be easy as ill just be getting into my one pace that I have and the race will be over! Will be fun day though if all goes well, new format for me with staggered start and only 20 km or so. My goal will be not to get passed by too many of the faster riders behind me.

Happy Riding!
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 3 Intermontane - bit of a joke..

... is how I feel about the race and how things are turning out. I might not be fair in my blog today as it is first years event and some things are out of peoples control, but I have some standard set when taking a week out of my time to come out to play.
Today was suppose to start at 8 am, which I was very happy with as it's been very hot, even at 8am it's almost 30 degrees. When arriving at the start people had been informed that the start had been delayed to 930 as some guy (local rider) took all markers down and cut trees to block trails that were part of the course. And to the events defend, it's hard to fight those guys who want to ruin the day, so they were remarking a shorter course (50 km, took out the top section which was suppose to be the fun of the day coming down). So while waiting we went back to the hotel and relaxed. We came back to the start and got ready to line up, when again, it was announced that start now would be at 1030! With that the heat would be just as previous days. The start eventually went, and for 40km it was a road race like I've never done ! There was 3 feed stations and we hit them all before any trail (and in my head I had 50 km as the target finish)! After the last feed I was so exited to see some double track at last, 10 km to the finish, then some single track, then some really fast down hill double track and then.... ops! A T -intersection with no marker!! I had passed a few people on the downhill and as they came down I went one way and checked the course out, but as I ended up on top of a climb with no markers or tire marks I went back down and we all took the same turn. After we climbed that hill one guy decied to go back the other way, so four of us continued on, no idea if it was right or not. It was a bit of ups and downs, motorcycle style track, and then a fence line, and eventually we found the markers again, at this point all I see is about 2 sets of tire tracks in the sandy trail. So we're thinking we're the only once who actually got on the course, or we are on tomorrow course!? But who cares at this point, I didn't, I just wanted to ride downhill and get to the finish! I had 50 km on the gps at this point! After a bit of fast down hill we see feed 1 below us and lots of "further back riders", I just wanted to continue on the marked course (which I now know was tomorrows course) but the girls down below called us down and sent us on the highway for almost another 20 km!! Brutal... At the finish line we were told today will not count! Which is fine, but yet not fine.... This event is advertised as a top class event, with huge money to winner in open men and women category, people spend lots of time to prepare and to come down to this event. It's ok to have one, or two bloopers, and say sorry, but this is over the top. There is not enough people to run this event, and my biggest issue at this point is the safety of the riders. Bishop was sent to the hospital today, I hear he had a fall in the end but made it to the finish and then didn't feel to good. This could have been someone off the course, way out there, lost by them self, in 40 degrees! I was lost today, but in a group of four, we had a gps, but it only gives you a direction, there are endless trails you can pick. Not a good thing when the organizer have to drive the lead Moto as he is the only one who knows the trail! The meeting tonight had a lot of feedback from riders, some pretty upset about the profesionalism of the event, some backed it up, personally I agree with those who is a bit upset. As we spend lots of time preparing and training and picking events, some travling from other countries, the events we chose should respect this and put it on with more effort to give us an safe and fair event. Monday many people got lost which for some ruined the change of winning, and they did not make it neutral, while today they did?
Anyway, there is two more days so we will see if they learned something from today, and hopefully it'll pick up for the better. Long stage tomorrow and up heigh! hopefully not all on road in the sun. I hope for the best, I just want to ride some fun trails. Todays best was post race massage! Thanks to Catherine for recommending a great therapist and I got visit from my favorite support crew at first feed station! so with that....
Happy riding!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 2 Intermontane - more heat and more...

....gravel roads! There is a lot of hills around here and they all seem to have a nice steep gravel road and no trees! Day 2 was not much different than day 1, a little shorter in distance but similar riding, a little bit more single track in the end, but nothing technical of sort.
After a night of feeling hot I don't think I'd totally recovered from the heat yesterday. So today I was set at taking it easy, making sure to enjoy some of the riding rather than empty out and risk heat stroke. I think that was a good plan. Even through town in the group ride I felt the heat, probably around 30 at that point, so I stuck to my plan. My legs felt good and I kept my heart rate at a lower rate (average today was 148 vs 165 yesterday), but was able to push it up in the above 170 when putting in some effort, but as soon as some effort was put in the heat would knock me back so I stuck the game plan through the race. In the end I could finish with a smile and able to stand on my feet, it was great!
The course didn't have too much to offer again today, a little bit more single track way in the end, but after the first few major climbs they took us down on some really fast double track/roady sections, pretty disappointed to loose all that gain so quickly on a road!!
Yesterday I got a bee stuck in my jersey and it stung me a few times before it found its way out, and funny enough, I got one in again today! I'm staring to believe my green and yellow outfit looks like a flower, and maybe I smell like a flower too :) Only one sting today though.
The course was marked much better today, only one spot, on a high speed decent did I end up missing a turn, but quickly turned around. And there seem to be an award of some sort and a riders meeting in the evenings, it just wasn't announced anywhere, so tonight I'll wander up to the TRU and check it out.
Sue Butler is riding strong and yesterday was way ahead and took the win again today, as for my self I'm not sure how much time I lost, but quiet a bit. Had a bit of a break while fixing a chain break for a rider, and my pace was nice and slow! But in the end I had a nice and safe day in heat I'm not handling to well, which is more important. I hope to have some fun tomorrow, as I've heard it might be a ride with some technical descents! 85 km long and 2300 meters of gain, we'll head up to almost 2000 meters, so maybe we'll be in some trees even! They might start us at 7 am which will help a bit with the heat. So I'm looking forward to tomorrows ride! Try to be better prepared so Meredith doesn't have to rush back to hotel to get race food 10 minutes before start! I just blame the heat :)

Meredith and the dogs are doing great as support, I love coming down the last bit of trail and seeing them there. While I'm out riding, they enjoy some of what Kamloops have to offer of lakes and hikes. Today they went to Pauls lake for a dip, much needed to cool off! In the afternoons the dogs are just done, I think the head wipes them out as well. Or maybe they are just bored out of their mind wondering when we're going back to McMurray so they can come riding too.
Off to shine up the green machine and a bit of rest and load up on drink and food!
Happy Riding!
kate and the crew of Meredith, Toby and Sequoia!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 1 Intermontane

So one day down and 4 to go. Very hard day for me and for many others as the heat was just unbeatable. Of the over 80 km (suppose to be 74 but a wrong turn made for a little longer race, some had more than one wrong turn) we did plenty of gravel roads and climbing totally exposed to the sun. The little bit of single track was over so quick I can't really remember much of it. During the first decent just after feed one I also lost my water bottle so now all I had was one for the next 25 plus the wrong turn! I found a creek to get a little drink but tomorrow I'm making sure its mounted on big time. In the end I ended third is what I hear but haven't seen the results, and there doesn't seem to be an award each day. To sum up the day it was a day of survival and a day for the fittest to show what they had, but with a few misroutes it added to it all. Third place will be very hard to maintain tomorrow as it looks like a very similar stage. And I admit I'm not the fittest, and I sure didn't cope with the heat as well as I'd hoped, but the heat I'm sure hits most of us.
Tomorrow is just over 60 km and about same gain as today.

Happy riding!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 0 - registration and running around.... Kamloops in search of dog food.

I'm not sure how ill get on my bike for five days in mid to upper thirty degrees! Today I failed on my pre ride, when I walked out of my nice cool room with my bike and just made it to the lobby to cool off again. Well all in the same hot boat!

Registration went by quick, we never found good dogfood but Mer almost came out with another puppy! Bike is ready and fridge filled with goodies! Think I'm as ready as I will be. Mer had a glass of wine and as ready as she will be stringing away on her guitar. Dogs had a swim and some nice junk food so as ready as they will be, both currently wiped out from the heat.

Stage one is 74 km and 2300 m of gain and that's about all I know besides it will be hot!

Happy riding!
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fw: Jasper wild life

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So after a long drive and a few wild life sightings we made it to Kamloops and the hotel, well, Toby and I did while Mer and SQ drove so fast while taking photos that they missed the exit! And almost run into me! Lesson learned she says. Now we're waiting for our complaint verdict. Our room smell like smoke though non smoking and there are no other pet rooms. When I booked way back (I know, quiet unusual for me to be prepared like this) I was guaranteed no smelly rooms.
Dogs and people are hungry so if we don't have to fine a new hotel there will be dinner soon.

Happy riding.
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Friday, July 24, 2009

En Route to Intermontane

So here we are, on the road once again. Toby, SQ, Mer (following in her Jetty, I just hope it makes it) and I are on our way to Kamloops for the Intermontane starting Monday. It was a hot drive (30+) down to Edmonton so dog were happy to have a break at the dog park by the river, and added bonus was a visit from Sarah. We almost had her convinced to join us in the adventure to Kamloops. But the good gf she is, she must take her journey to fort mcmurray to see Chad.

We enjoyed a good Italian dinner with gelato at the end. And spend a little time finding a hotel with OLN, but lucked out. Now all four of us is ready for the sleep and on the road after hopefully a good stage of the tour in the morning.

To backtrack just a second to last blog. The test was a joke in the sense I had no idea how it went, which is it then ethical to accept a pass? Well maybe I will have to write again, if so then no need to ponder on that. Very possible.

Happy riding!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

12 hrs to test...

A few more hours to get through Practical Law and a few booklets. Toby is being great help, making sure I stay focused. Whatever I don't get to, ill have to go through when it comes time to retake the exam :(

Done some shorter rides to keep legs moving a little and they feel ok. Tuesday will be last day of any real effort and then its time to pack up for Kamloops. They have posted start list and I'm gone have a tough shot on top three even five. They have put out some big price money and that seem to have worked to attract some good folks even first year. Good stuff, looking forward to it.

Well better get on with the Law!

Happy riding
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Friday, July 17, 2009

The blog that never updates...

... that's my blog, have to admit I'm terrible and keeping this going. Though, here comes the excuses, during the BC bike race it just wasn't easy to get on a computer, and my BB still have a few bugs that need to get some figuring out. I would have like to take some notes, as today, each and every stage is pretty much a blur! In summary I had a fun, hard, painful, joyful and plenty of single track riding week!! A must have in any event, and the BC bike race folks did not disappoint! At one point I remember thinking "will this single track ever end?" And I do not think those thoughts very often!

As for a the race it self, Steve and I partnered up well. We had our scuffs but nothing that couldn't be worked out and in the end it just thought us a few things about working together. I think we had it all figured out by the last day :) He finally pushed me up every single hill, so I could work on my tan and start recovering for a week of building deck. Thanks to Steve I now have a great deck to study in the sunshine for my Monday exam. Joke a side, I lucked out with partner and support crew, couldn't have asked for anything better or more. And already signed up for next years single track adventure of the BC bike race! Steve? you in yet?
We also lucked out in so many other things, weather! perfect every day until I left Monday morning in rain, and it rained hard and didn't stop until I hit Fort McMurray a Tuesday night.
We had no issues with our green machines! With one week of riding some terrain that can be very hard on the machines I'd say that is luck and some smooth riding helps of course. I'm staring to really enjoy the Titus X more and more, and I'm sure very soon it'll be my new favorite bike! It definitely got more attention along with our outfits than Steve and I as riders did through out the week :)
We had no cougar or bear issues, we had no major crashes, just some minor that hurt the pride more than anything. So in a week long race what else can you ask for!?
I even made it up the last little hill in to Edmonton and Hardcore store on empty with a trailer!

Back in Fort McMurray I've been busy building a lower deck in my yard. It took a bit of trial and error to get done, but now I have a dirt free yard, almost and can focus on my APEGGA exam for Monday. That gives me 3 full days of study!! Hopefully that'll do it! Not too much riding lately, but to study efficiently breaks are required, so what better break than a nice trail ride!

Have to get the legs back in the motion. Only 1 week until departure for the next stage race, Intermontane in Kamloops. 5 days of riding trails I've never been on. Have no real idea of what to expect, so just going with an open mind and hope for not too hot weather and some fun riding.

until next time...

happy riding,


Sunday, June 28, 2009

1 stage down

Stage one started in North Van at 10 today. The shortest of seven days, not to be confused with easy.
Steve and I had a spot in about the mid of the 400 riders so off the star we had a bit of work to do.
A shorter section on the road to the trail head was all we had until trail narrowed up and there wasn't much you could do but to be patient all the way up first climb of day.
This didn't really change going down. First decent was typical North Shore xcountry trail I guess. For most it meant slow ride or walk. After this the second climb was on us and here we didn't see many riders at all. Last decent to finish was super fun mostly ridable stuff.
We crossed as fifth mixed team in Lynn Valley.
Overall not sure how I felt. Legs didn't say much but I didn't feel I pushed as hard as I wanted. I didn't have what I wanted I guess. Though six more rides to figure it out.

Now we are on the ferry to Nanaimo. Could be tricky to get over in morning so making sure the whole crew is here.
Our support Meredith, Karen, Kim, Jen, Toby and SQ had a great day. Thanks!

First blog on the BB so no photo upload and no idea if it will turn out ok.

Will try to keep posting Hardcore news! Unless Steve makes me suffer too much.
Mark people just love your colors! Even socks!
Congrats to all the other Albertans who always seem to show up to this great events.

Happy riding!
kate and the Hardcore bunch!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A taste of North Shore....

Yesterday I made it a couple of more km down the highway to Surrey. I'll stay here until start of Stage 1 Sunday. Yesterday was not a great day so lots of time to relax, it rained, rained and rained! Ended up going to bed early but couldn't get good sleep with my green machine in the trailer below. So at midnight I got up again, got the bike out of the trailer and into safety of the hotel reception. Nice sleep after that!
Today started as yesterday, so I took my car a few blocks away and dropped it off for an oil change (again...putting on the km's this summer), and walked back in beautiful west coast rain! Got a message from Steve who was ready to go hit the North Shore! So got my stuff together, and got the bike out of storage and rode to pick up truck at dealer and headed over to North Vancouver. Toby was exited as he got to come on his first bike ride since his little episode. It was dark but not raining, and we started somewhere down low. The climb up was great to start, we took it nice and easy, in a very short bit, we were both off our bikes hiking!! Toby was wondering what took us so long....4 legs vs two wheels..4 legs seem to work better. I'm still not sure we rode the right trail up, as speaking to a guy after at the bike shop, there shouldn't have been anything we couldn't ride to get up, hmm we will see... Down was great, but of course I forget what it is called, I'm sure Steve got it though! He is the trail master, remember them all! A few drops I didn't do and with rain it sure adds a bit of twist to the roots. Going to be a great ride Sunday!
Check out our racer profile on BC racer page.
Many great teams and solo riders ready to go, and looks like the sun will show up as well!
Happy Riding,
kate & toby

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Almost in Vancouver!

So we almost made it to Vancouver.

Toby and I left Calgary Monday after his vet appointment that went really well! he is progressing in a very good direction. We met up with Steve and Karen in Canmore and to pick up the trailer. Since a later departure we decided to drive to Salmon Arm and take the night there. This morning we got up early to get a short ride in, one lap of the Salty Dog race course! And of course it didn't disappoint! Toby even got a few minutes of excitement as he tricked Karen to think he'd be good when she had to untangle his leach, and then took off on her. It didn't take long for him to sniff his way to Steve and I (wonder if it was my stinky Canada Cup race clothing!! yeah, roughing it up on the road!).

Tonight we're Travelodging it in Langley, just outside Vancouver. Steve and Karen is searching for a camp spot in North Vancouver possible for tomorrow night. So maybe we'll get a little taste of stage 1 if it doesn't rain too hard or at all. Calling for a bit of rain but you never know.

Looking forward to Sunday start!
Happy riding,
kate and toby