Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First ride...

... on the the incredible 2013 Superfly.

This will be my forth season on the Superfly but the first on the newly engineered frame. I've been very happy with Trek Superfly; great fit and with a company standing by their product by offering life time warranty on their frame and to this point have offered great service when required; I do not see the point of changing up.

Picked up the bike at Ridley's at 19.5 lbs (no pedals) and by the time I put pedals, cages and some heavier (?? Racing Ralph's) tires it weighed in at 20.8 lbs (bath room scale). The stocked kit has no flaws; was curious on the wheel set but without putting them on the scale I believe they are as light as my Enve set; but not as stiff. Through axle in front and rear add a solid feel to a rather slim (and awesome) looking frame. Internal cable mounts (break and shift) adds to the sleek look.

Well; it was almost too good looking to take out in the spring like conditions in Calgary this weekend. First ride I joined up with Shawn and Craig. The weather was just cold enough to make plans for city single tracks; COP, Bowmont, Stoney Bridge, Edworthy and some more COP. Nice fast pace and tacky trails. The bike performed above expectations; my position was slightly more stretch but I didnt mind for a shorter ride; the stiffer front fork was just that...stiff when required but smooth ride going down (need further test on some real terrain). Great first ride. And not too muddy after. One complaint would be the seatpost slipping. Craig and Shawn showed some fear of my light new ride so showed up with ridgid monster cross looking things and called in mountain bikes.

Second ride of the weekend Erik, Craig and I had planned a Cochrane loop, the weather was sort of iffy and with the previous single track day I wanted more...
Erik stopped at Bow and geared him self up with a new jacket; and now he is signed up for Nepal riding so he can really get the use of it; though it came in handy during ride as well. Great bikes, right clothing can only translate to a great ride! Trails were in good shape again, though with my lack of swimming ability we opted not to cross bearspaw resorvoir even though Craig was really set on it. I think he would have easily gone for the Darwin's award...
Had done a few adjustment to the bike so fit was great, and Eriks thought it roles like a roadbike and was impressed enough that I might have a buyer come next year :)
Ended with a wip through Bowmont and just enough mud to require carwash stop later.
Great day !

That was it for riding, back north for 9 days dreaming of real trails and great rides.

Happy Riding!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Watervalley 2013...(delayed)

... group ride.

Friday was recovery and bike cleanup. Enjoyed a hike and some running around. Had dinner plans with my Bownesian neighbors that turned out to be a surprise party organize with good care. I had no clue and still looks for signs missed; but they got me beat. Great to see everyone and thanks again, awesome cake too. My early departure to bed plan had a minor hickup; but for all great reasons. Still got some sleep before the main Watervalley ride for this spring.

A good turnout at Cadence for an 830 am departure. Everyone looked excited to get a great day of riding in. My legs could feel Thursday ride but not the same way. The pace felt hard going up but quickly setled in to something I could manage for a day of riding. Hit our new stop in Watervalley; the coffee shop. Everyone was pretty impressed with the selections and enjoyed a good fuel up. Some got food to go, some ate their food to go in the parking lot leaving the caffe.
The real ride really start there, quick "get the legs going" section before gravel starts. The gravel was nice and dry, packed and smooth. So it could only turn out to be a good day. And so it was. We road up and over to hgway 40 without getting too mucky and made it up the next bit of gravel before it is smooth sailing home (if only the wind wasnt in our face or off the side). Off course detour to include the wildcat hill. In cochrane it was a general consent to make the stop quick. And then the final climb out of cochrane with Jeff and Craig hammering up the little steep grass section like the ride had just started. 
Great day on the bike with a great group.

Then it on with Easter chocolate....

Happy Riding!