Sunday, July 29, 2012


...bow80 course.

Finally got in a good ride today. After a quick hike with the dogs at COP, Ryan and I headed out to bragg. We stached some drinks at PF lot and went back to station flats.
Road the Bow 80 course minus the cow trail up and around after praire creek. A great day, of course not getting on the bike untill 11 made for a really hot climb up sulphur after PF side. With my hardtail and a 24 on the front I really enjoyed every climb, but faded at the end and did some hiking just before specialK...not my favorite decent and it is really washed out. A few super fun sections makes it ok but in a race I dont super fancy a double track mud section and climb out to end a of a hard day.
Looking forward to the race thouh, its a great course that gets harder as you get into the race. After PF your really just warmed up!

Well that was the end of a short training period but with work in Calgary this week im fortunate to get a few mid week rides in.

Happy Riding!


...hike; followed by some home maintenance and Glenmore road spin. Since most of the folks i ride with is participating in the TR this week and my regular that rarly says no to a ride decided to catch up on work; well my motivation did not come back.
I have two dogs looking at me with a bit of "take us" eyes so I opted for a hike up Powder Face. I started out late but yet did not meet one person or bear om the way up or down. Nice and quiet! But not exactly the workout I was looking for after 5 days off. Managed to get in a spin around Glenmore to end the day and with the grass cut and house pretty tidy Id say it was a pretty good Saturday.

Sunday no choice but to have an awesome ride. And with the bow80 course and Ryan it should be good.

Happy Riding!

Friday .... ride witb Darko. My three day workout plan was spoiled by meeting downtown this Friday. They promise this will not be a regular. So this week down to a two dag plan.

But after cleaning up bikes from last weekend there was still time left of Friday to get out; lacked motivation for a training ride so called up Darko for a city cruise.
Rode downtown with queastionable weather but it held away. Stopped and had a beef hot dog and listened in to the Folk fest. Many people rode their bikes down and some with more festive bikes than others. Nice little spin.

Maybe Saturday will bring motivation back.

Happy Riding!

Monday, July 23, 2012

First ride weekend...

...following the new routine of four days up north three days home.

So I hopped to jam in a week of riding in three days and did ok.

Arrived home Thursday and acually had time to race COP but felt completly done. Guess traveling and work can be "hard" work. So skipped it and saved legs for some real rides.
Friday I went out early after debating road or mtb. Toby helped my decission by looking really sad so I joined Suzanne, Meredith and two of Suzannes riding friends. They road up Tom snow so I took pnuma to moosepackers and met them at Ridgeback. Road down ridgeback in the back of the pack with Sequoia and Toby and back to station flats. Nice way to get legs warmed up.
Saturday Craig had a great plan and as logistics got worked out it just got better and better. With so many good ride friends we had the luxery of two "feed" on the way, car pick up and drop of to make a ride from Canmore to Station Flats.
Left Calgary after a supply load at Petro and McDondalds, quick stop at Barrier for supply drop. This time we made sure to hide it extra goos; and if ever in a bind at Barrier there is a few goodies to drink still hidden. Got to dog park in Canmore and Craig almost lost all of his goodies (mcd burritos) to some hungry puppy dogs but they were nice enough to leave him two for the ride. Rode Highland over to Transcanada. Stopped to text Erik and saw two missed calls. Cindy and Erik was planning on riding with us down Jewels pass. Unfortunatly some food from night before was not agreeing witb Cindys plans. But as only super good ride buddies would do they are in the car driving out to ensure we have enough to drink not knowing that we had the time to hide some stuff at Barrier (sorry guys). Got them turned around home quickly and moved on with ride. Took quait up over Jewels pass down to Barrier over to Lusk. Lusk surpeised me with the amount of climbing; never ending and steep! Just getting warmed up to JP climb! Awesome viewa at the top of course makes it all worth the effort. Craig and I took a minute to remember our scree slope hike a bike from last year. From JP it looks like a insane thing to do....
Down JP, rough ride down to Powderface road. Ride the road over to PF climb and up we go. Craig of course would have liked to do the ridge but I was pretty done and looking forward to the next fees. At PF parking lot Meredith and a friend had left some goddies after their ride. A can of coke for each and some water and snack:) well hidden, 30 steps back from sign, wich happend to be straight up the slope. A note ensured we would not have a repeat of last years stolen goods.
Then up over to Ingsmine rd and up and over to sulphur. Craig were on his way up but I begged for the chicken route out along the river trail; no more climbing kn the legs. Back to the car that was picked up in Canmore and dropped at Station flats (thanks suzanne and her boys for the detour)
Just an awesome day out on the bike!
Sunday I was unsure if I should join the boys ride as legs felt so tired at the end of the Saturday ride. But with only three daya I really wanted to ride so got my hardtail going and that gives me an extra light gear to help the tired legs. Met at Cadence and Craig M., Craig S., Shawn and Gabor was the crew. We eventually landed on the Highland and transcanada trail.....
Gabor had a bit of a rough start and with all his power up a, for most, not possible to ride kinda hill, managed to bend everthing possible on his rear wheel; casette, wheel, disk rotor! So after trying to continoue ride he bailed out after we got up the first major climb. This trail including the singletrack that takes you to TC trail such a fun trail; having the hardtail felt awesome and I enjoyes the ride. Thankfully everyone had a big day Saturday and even better; Shawn had a bottle of wine and Craig M only slept a few hours :) So they didnt seem to mind waiting a bit. Shawn also had a major tire rip but got that fixed up; note to self to remember to fill up the patch kit.
Great day on the bike and todag (monday) my legs were happy to not sit on an airplane but actually do an easy spin to Calgary office. Back on the airplane tomorrow for three days of rest....

Happy Riding!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

4 passes...; Rickert's, Sheep river, Elbow and Highwood Pass.

Family left yesterday so house is back to its quiet self and so it was nice to spend the days on a long ride with good riding friends; Alana, Craig, Erik and Trish.
Had an awesome time the two weeks after Fernie race hanging out with my family who I dont get to see much, but less long hard rides, so wasnt sure how the body felt.

Started with a gradual climb that eventually got steeper and harder as it went on up to Rickerts Pass. Great views and rewarded with a scetchy down at start then fun rugged mountain trail down to Sheep River trail. This one brought back some cold feet memories from last years ride with Katy. And it didnt dissapoint this time. Several crossings in freesing water! Though well above zero air this time so it wasnt too bad.
Decent down to Elbow intersection was fast and when stopped there I noticed my rear tire was flat. With a bit of help from Craig we plugged the tire with the kit Ive been carying since Portugal and it worked great!
Up to Elbow pass and down to the highway was the easier part of the route. The Highwood pass is pretty classic road climb that Ive never done. In the car out it didnt seem too bad. But the road up to just over 2200 metera felt long. Trish set a hard pace up, good for the legs. Then a 17 km mostly down to the car.

Great ride! Hope to spend lots more time on epic rides like this.

Happy Riding!

Sunday, July 08, 2012


..."Kill me Thrill me" with Erik today. Great fun. Then some "shit happens" and some other rockie gnarly trail. Toby in doggie heaven and Erik getting some new skills on the bike.
Earlier this week some playtime in the Lost lake trails, rode comfertably numb, watched some BC bike race, down hill rides on the skihill and lots of watching big bikes coming down fast.

Peak2Peak with the rest of the gang is next on the agenda. Then some more downhill....

Happy Riding!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Furious 3 ....

.... race weekend was pretty awesome and everthing a race weekend should be. Wet, muddy, tacky to dry trails well made for fun fun riding. Great riders out made for a real race to the finish, thanks Mical and con grats on a great race and win.

Friday we started with pretty good weather but trail were pretty wet from rain earlier days. Mixture of gravel roads and lots of single track decending. Both Mical and Melanie is off at the start and not much I can do to keep the start pace, which then Im stuck in the downhill lineup. First down was steep and technical and a new trail Id love to do again. Some more climbs and downs and toward the end it opens up for true enjoyment of Fernie riding! So fun! Never saw Mical until I crossed the finish in second.

Day 2 was a wet day. We spent most of it at the skihill side of town. Lots of climbing and lots of amazing down. Wet didnt really bother me as trails seem to hold up good and it was not cold. The people along the trail were still out cheering and even a boombox party at one of the climbs. Start as day one was too hard for me to hang on to both Melanie and Mical but this time I cought up to Melanie a bit earlier and eventually would see Mical. We road some fun singletrack together and just as we passed feed and started climbing project9 she fell behind. I held that to the finish but not much of a gap so before day three she would still be in the lead. Felt good and besides the many stops to clean and lube chain bike seem to work good but the 24 small ring was greatly missed.

Last day and needed to get a minute or so to get the overall. Mical hammers off the start and I had to forget about hanging on once again. Get in a bit of a jam to start but it quickly spreads out. Back on the town side we climb up sidewinder to deadfall, steady pace and legs feel ok. I plan to ride steady and hope to have enouh left to the major last clim  at the end. We ride the coal discovery trial (i think) for a while, not my best ride of the weekend and manage to wipe out on a flat slow section (clumsy amd embaresing). I figured we were almost in Sparwood, eventually popped out on a road and had to work the road back to top of kids stuff. Got to enjoy splitting bears by my self and smile was on! Now over to roots and the big climb, first road then single track up to castle. Mical was out of sight but should be a couple of minutes up so there was a slight chance. But she was too strong today and only saw her as we creasted the top. Got her wheel further down and from there it was all super fun until we hit the road and I learned it was not all down! Road climb again and legs felt completly done. Put in what I had to hang on and then some more fun down. Got a tiny gap after Mical had a shift issue on one of the dips and worked, slowed down assuming she would be right back on the well and I needed to rest if I was gona hold her to finish but looking back gap is still there. Had to work harder than ever and barley held it to the finish. Fun race!

Great weekend with great racing on some of the best trails.

Happy Riding!