Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday morning view...

...from now on. Not a bad view. Calgary is a nice city. The mountains in the back make up for most of the "nice" for me. Unfortunatly the view is from up high going north. Instead of a nice recovery spin to the Calgary office, Im dressed in compression socks and a bottle of water buckled up in a tiny seat on a small propeller plane. A touch down in another nice city, Edmonton, then to the airstrip at Shell to board the bus to site. If I include my drive that started the trip; about Six hours later Ill be at my desk. Then a similar but backward routine for the home trip. Thats about 12 hours doing nothing but getting from A to B and back to A.
Thats a lot of nice bike riding!

Guess I do it so I can have a nice bike and travel with it....but this might be taking it a step too be continued ....

Happy Riding, remember!?

Race weekend... Calgary Olympic Park. My back yard playground and put on by the Deadgoats so all set for a good weekend of racing bike.

Body feels good but legs seem to get tired out by any little effort; got in two rides to work this week, easy spin with Toby part of the way. Should not have a tiring effect. But it did. So unsure how I would feel racing.

Saturday is the short course. I show up for registration in the morning and there is no category for me. They chose to start me with expert men; better than alone in elite women. Where are the women? Start was not until 1pm so I had some time to head down to Ridleys to pick up race wheels off my racebike which was waiting for part from Trek. But I managed to fumble away time and when I got there and the complete bike was ready I had no time to swap plate and get bike set up for race so raced my dual suspension as planned without race wheels (gota love how every year there is changes to gear so to swap parts you have to plan for extra conversion time...). Anyway, love both rides either way so no big deal. I made it to the start after riding up from the house as a quick warm-up.

Felt ok, third lap in and I was in fourth when chain did a funky over the pedal spindle and it took my brain some time to un-tangle the figure 8ths. In the mean time three guys flew by. Shitty; I lost my motivation for a few minutes and just pedaled but then reminded my self it was a race and I need some high end workouts! Could see one or two of the guys on the climbs so got back into it, had a little more left for last lap and took back two spots. Happy with effort. Not my thing to suffer for an hour and half; but should make me a better all around rider so I do it. Good warm up for 4 hrs Sunday. Course was fun so made it all go by quick. Nice and tacky and funky climbs. Nice work Deadgoats!

Sunday was the marathon with a 8 hour lap race. Jon and I entered as Ridle's but Jon unfortunatly got a nasty bug and could nt make it. Hope he fights it off and back on bike soon. In the last minute I get a John (Cadman) to step in. He did the morning shift so I had some time to get ready after I watched the start. Great turnout and very cool to see so many Calgary women out racing some brand new to racing.

I had the race rig all set up and was early on site to spin legs warm prior to my go at 1pm. I watched John come through and figures Id get a 105 start. Road around the parking area and few minutes in a familiar feeling of bike weirdness! Sideways pulling!....I see Marty in his awesome flashing shorts and pull the poor guy from his rest to sit on another bike (he did not wanna sit in any bike). Verdict...get another bike! Thanks for taking two minutes off your race time to help!

So good thing Im in my back yard. In full gear I drive home Dow a quick swap of stuff on the bike and rush back up. John was a bit later across after hammering 5 laps the legs were feeling it, good for me as I made it back in time.
First lap I rode with Ryan as a warm-up. Though him leading out; felt harder than a warm-up. Course was different than Saturday, still fun and hard.
Second lap I felt awful; the poor warm-up leading to the start and a hard start had my legs turn to rock. So I settled in a long distance pace and things started to work as it should. Fun day, so many riders out there on a course in great condition. I had hoped for seven laps but with my laptimes and late start I got in six and the course was shut. Got to ride with Devon for a bit, great to be pushed. And last lap Craig made me push a bit extra. Still couldn't hang on, me on lap six, he on lap 13?...strong ride!

Happy with the end. John and I took the win; body felt ok; no rain; lots of bikes out!

Thanks to the Goats for putting on another great event.

Happy Riding!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rundt huset ...

... Litt av hvert for dere som skal paa tur .

Tok et par bilder paa kosetur sondag. Alle bildene er innen 4 km fra huset. Dere kjenner muligens igjen parken hvor vi stod paa kjoyter? sommern er det en veldig travel park med kano leie og masse andre activiteter.  Var jo ikke kjempe varmt paa sondag men allerede er det folk som flyter need elva kan starte rundt huset og flyte gjennom byen ...paa varme dager er det nesten flyte koe paa elva!

Ellers er det jo COP; tar bilder over helga siden jeg har to ritt der. Skibakken opner for sykling og det er klatrevegg, stor minigolf, hoppe thing, bobsled osv ...2min opp bakken.

Ellers er science center aapent naa og dyreparkern, i fish creek er det strand og bading....saa litt av hvert foer vi kjorer paa tur.....og alt innen gaa avstand saa og si ...

Ordner med sykkel til Markus mens Madelen og Monica kan vi sette opp paa en av mine saa vi kan rulle rundt naar vi vil ...

Sender litt mer naar mer kommer til ....

Hilsen reisemaalet ....:)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Long weekend...

...much needed even with only three days at work.

First Bragg Creek ride of the year. After a coffee and some plant lessons from Alana we headed out to Station flats. It was not as warm as I had hoped and with my fingerless gloves and the meter showing 2 degrees I was a bit concerned. Jeff, Alana, Michelle, Andrew, Ryan and Toby; a good group. We rode over to Moosemtn to climb Pnuma as far as conditions would let us. I felt ok but right off the start I was in granny gear; there was not much power coming out of the legs today. Still a great climb up. Made it to start of Raceofspades and did a quick attempt to keep going but quickly hit too much snow. And my feet and hands were still not warmed up, so no point in pushing up higher. The decent down is as fun as always! Toby hung in great and is happy riding times are back.

Sunday I joined the Terrescape group ride mixed with a couple of goats. Great ride at the Nordic centre and them even better ride doing the Highland trail. All in great condition.
A after ride BBQ with some amazing cooking by various people, thank you! Great day!

Today, both Toby and I feel tired. Toby will skip the ride after a nice walk in the park; i still hope to get a spin in before departing to site for a couple of days.

Happy Riding!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Post Portugal...

...and back to reality or something like that.

After day one of Portugal this year, and probably last year, I told my self to remind my self not to take on such big adventure next year. There has to be other ways of getting in good shape and other experiences out there that Im missing by coming back. And its just pain!

Now; not even a week since last day, I ask why do I keep coming back to the norm? I already miss the waking up a bit sore, trying to eat as much as you can, wondering if you can get another pedal stroke in, but happy to see the rest of the racers on the start line, cheering each other on as Tiago counts down the time; then pedal and all that matters is to keep pedaling to the end while taking in all the different sences from around you; see the smiles at the checkpoints, specially my dad; then cross the line once again, even though you thouht it was impossible. Then get treated like a super star with awesome food, bike service, massage and them more food and stories around the tables from other racers while the body wonders if it'll be able to do it again tomorrow.......and it just keeps going....

Half a week at work and there is no resembling the great people with such positive outlook, with such passion to what they do....Im going through withdrawls already!...guess there is a reason why we keep going back to these experiences in life.

Looking forward to a mountain ride with friends to releave the mind from the week of work....starting with a awsome breakfast and a little bit of bike fix...

Happy Riding!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Portugal Day 9...

...perfect ending of a nine day race. At breakfast I wasn't sure how I felt. Food is less and less fun but I managed to get some awesome buns with some freshly stirred berry jam in me before departure. It was a later start so had lots of time to get ready. Was early at the start line for a change! It was already hot but 99km is just a "short" day so not to worry. The legal get the real test right off the battle; your role a bit more than a km down the road before a steep climb right back up. I left the group with not much effort so I figured today I might as well just go hard and no looking back, the legs felt good. Henry only had to gain 7 min so if I let him catch me and couldn't hang on that could have easily been eaten up, so with ok legs no point of holding back.

From here I started looking back more often. Got an update from my dad and the main group had not gained too much. From there and in I pulled what I had but knowing I had a few steep climbes and the beach yet to go. At the beach I saw Paul and one more guy starting as I was about halfway. Tried to run; not for me, so walked.... Picked up the pace slightly as I thought it Henry back there. We then do a couple of up and down and as I was climbing the other side of one of the valleys I could see Marco on the other side going down. Its hard to know how much time that is but with about 30 km to go the race is still on and I thought maybe I can hold it to the end. I tried not to look back as its easy to make a stupid mistake when not watching where your going; just rode as hard as I could. When we finally start going down toward Sagres and I couldn't see anyone I was really hoping I would hold. Watching every rock to avoid a last km flat and with the strong tailwind it went by fast. <br>
Made it in! First stage win! A few min back came Marco. Now we were watching the time gap to Rui. He had 11 min on me for second. Someone said Vitor had dropped back and was riding with him. 8 min I took in....putting him in second with only 3 almost 4 min ahead of me. Very tight! I think he is happy he had Vitor today. Great day of racing! Now we hung at the beach; had a great banana split and expresso before a dip in the ocean. Katy came in with a great smile and rocks in her pocket that she collected; good thing for light weight gear! Dad was happy with the day and even thouh it was super hot he honored the day with wearing the Ridleys kit! Great trip and met some more awesome bike crazy people with similar passion for the sport as I have. And most likly some of us will cross path again. Happy Riding!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Portugal Day 8...

...was a very long one last year. Yesterday went much better. I quickly settled in to a comfy pace and was happy that there was a bit of cloud to start. It was hot right off the start so any shade was welcome. The cloud quickly disappeared. I filled water at the 49 k mark; both bottles gone, and again at the 86 k. At this stop I also got a nice cold coke.

Shortly after I believe, Vitor passed me. We had started the climbing of the day. I assumed Henry would have got to me first today but him and the Italian made a navigation error and lost time. I still haven't got his story of what happened. So with both bottled full I started the 2 big climbs. The first grave climb is super steep and I was in granny most of the time. This is when Marco and Christopher went by. I didnt walk which is an improvement from last year; very happy with my 24 ring!

The next climb is on the road and is really split in 2..on the first section Rui passed me and I didnt feel i had much to give to hang on. From there on and in it was just a fight with the heat and legs. Almost at the top I get some wire tangled in my chain, derailure and cassette and for a moment after trying to clean it out I thought I was done for the day. I could so see the next guy behind me. But just as I was about to give up I took one last pull on the stuck wire and it let loose with the derailure still intact ...close call...climb the last bit; think i saw the ocean or at least I imagined the ocean. And the next 10 was mostly fast downhill; with a bit of tricky navigation. Made it to the finish in fifty. Rui who passed me way down only got in a minute or so but think he is pretty safe in his 2 position. Me on the other hand will have to look back for Henry today. 99 km and just over 5 min is not much. Today the main group will catch up pretty fast and Henry is super strong on the roads and flats and will probably hang on to main group if they catch him and is able to hang it in to finish. I will do my best to hang on but know the few hills will be hard.

Dad had a great day. Ended up higher than the race went so missed the finish but Im sure there was some amazing views.

The hotel is one of the nicest but easy to get lost and AC not functioning so Katy and I are already heating up.

Next stop; the beach!

Happy Riding!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Portugal Day 7...

...only two to go!

My biggest worry today was the heat. The course is fairly flat and fast but 144 km in the heat would be hard. I was happy to see some cloud cover as at start it was already hot with out the sun out.

I stuck with the plan of staying with my starting group as there is a lot of asphalt to start and lots of wind. My headset made so much noice and about an hour in started getting stuck and pulling me sideways; so I did a little on the bike riding quick fix by loosening it up a bit; not ideal but seem to work and with mostly gravel roads today not a big deal to ride it a bit loose I figured. Hope to get a new one tonight.
The girls and a Paul did a great job in the group ride and that allowed me to spin the legs without burning out on my own. We all rode together until 75 km. We stopped to buy some water and a water and only one coke left. And no change so 10 euros...made the small bar weekly sales probably.

Then it dawned on me; last year Henry cought me around 50 k mark and we were at 75 and in the bar not paying attention I rushed out and got on my bike and hoped he didnt go by. Dave from South Africa rode with me as well. But the girls took a few more minutes. Shortly after we passed the official drink spot and dad was there; confirming Henry did not pass. So settled in to a comfy pace for now. And it was nice to have Dave for company, he did a couple of good pulls for me. Henry cought us around 90km and from there it was race pace to the finish for me; working hard to not loose him and put in some effort to help when I could. Vito got us a little later and didnt want to play today; rode by and no chance of hanging on. The Christopher and Marco was next at a gate crossing not to far out. Maybe 30 km or less to the finish. The wind was brutal and Henry did some amazing pulling thouh now I got to experience gutter riding; whether it was on purpose or not. He is my closed overall competitor sitting about 5 min behind me so it make sence to not give me a free ride in. And with the side winds he did a good job not letting it come easy, still not sure if it was planned. Held it to the finish today and if I can do that for the next two ill be in good shape.

Katy went with the photographer today which was a good choice to recover her badly sunburn. Hopefully back tomorrow but will see; definitly want to ride the last stage so might save it for then. Treating with some yogurt natural; works well.

Dad had a great day and I saw him at a few points; making sure he captured all the stats. Guess i beat my last years time with over 40 min...thouh last year there was a detour.

Tomorrow is a test of both physical and mental strength! It ends with some climbs that seem to never end. 139km and just over 3000 m. Getting very close to the ocean and I believe if we look around tomorrow we might get a glims.

Happy riding!

Portugal Day 6...

...that means 3 to go!

165 km is a long ride. My legs felt like rocks as we started from the hotel. And pretty much right off the hook we are off climbing. Felt like it would would be a long day. Then down some cobble stone that really shoock you good; that woke me up at least. Tried to keep a steady pace and rode a little with with Lisalore and the guy from Victoria, Rob. They both were strong today. When we were off the pavement and on to the dirt I felt I probably should pick up the pace; though looking back at the day I don't know if putting in much extra before Henry catch me make much sense. Thouh, left them and rode until close to the 100km mark when Henry came up on me. We rode together for the next 20 km then Vitor came up behind. He rode with us; i was thinking that would be good, Henry can get bit of a better pull than I had to offer. But Vitor sort of just cruised with us. Said not to worry about the guys they are far back. Henry kept taking the pull and not more than 20 km from finish or so was Rui behind us. Vitor pulled back to help him bridge the gap to us. Not sure if that was their plan but all of a sudden the pace went up. I held on for a little bit but had to let go at the exact place were I let Henry go last year. At that point I had goosebumps and feeling chilled in about 40 degrees (unofficial temp of day); and I felt empty. I knew if I could hang on the next 12km to the finish would be that much easier and quicker....but when u don't have it you don't har it...simple.
They got 12 min I think... The climb up to the castle almost broke me but I made it. I was happy to hear Henry hung on to the end and took stage win, he is a machine and deserved it, even thouh this might put him ahead of me.

Now legs; knees and achilies specially, feel done. Tomorrow is a flat day of 140'ish km and 2000m so hopefully they will pull through. It is also called for hotter weather and if something will get me its the heat. It definitly got me good today. Drank well so that will be the plan tomorrow.

Katy had another solid day out there and riding her self in shape. Said today her legs felt the best this week. Hopefully the sunburn heals up quick. Her Norwegian bar buddy got his bike fixed so he will be back tomorrow to make sure they have an entertaining day with good stories.

Some other guy was not as lucky today. With 36 gate crossings he managed to not see one on the bottom of a fast decent and went head over it. A couple of broken arms and in hospital is not anything you want to any of your fellow racers.

Dad had a good day even thouh golf course was closed. He was at a few of the checkpoint and ran with me up to the final bit of the castle climb; just to see me ride down on the other side...he thought the top was the finish. He was not about to run down the hill too. So missed the finish line but much better view from up there anyway.

Time to rest up!

Happy riding !

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Portugal Day 5...

...makes us more than half way through, only 4 to go.

Today I wanted to ride smart and "recover" legs before the 40 last km. And the plan seemed to work besides the recovered legs part. Though, rode a pace that was ok for the legs and forced my self to eat and drink more than any other day. Last year I didnt enjoy this day at all; this year it was good to me. Thouh since I drank so much my two bottles were gone by 85km and no water fills. When the lead guy cought me at 90 he shared a zip of his water which got me to the same gas station as last year. Henry had cought be prior to this so we both refilled there and while in the station all the bugs that were hiding in my jersey came alive. And those who know me and bugs, not a such a tough girl then....
At one point during the last 30 km Henry lost his food out of a hole in his pocket and at the same time flatted and I missed it all. I thought i was being nice giving him a break on my wheel, when i looked back he was gone. The following pickup told me he lost his food so I figured he would catch up. But never saw him again until the finish. He used the plug he told me about yeaterday that I carry also now and it worked for him; even on a side wall cut.
The last bit in is a lot of up and down...then the finale ...a awesome coblestone climb up to the centre of a castle. Kept looking back but not until I had crossed came the guys behind me...not even a minute. Very close one.

So great day; very hot and hotter again tomorrow so hopefully ill adjust. Drink lots and enjoy the ride.

Dad was planning a day of golf tomorrow since we are at a Golf hotel but unfortunatly its shut down, so he will be out there collecting stats to share for after. Today my strongest leg was the last one which align with the plan.
Missing the crew from last year thouh to feed some insider stories from the main start. Heard there was a early crash in the main group but no details.

Time to rest up and get ready for 165 km tomorrow.

Happy Riding!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Portugal Day 4...

<p>...didnt start as Id hoped.Couldn't find the bike garage this morning so as yeaterday I just made the start though thats pretty good as Katy wasn't as lucky while looking for her bike.</p>
<p>8 km in on some fun rocky decent i got my first flat. I usually put extra Stans in and it was pouring out pretty bad. I watched it for a sec hoping it would seal, put some more in but still no seal. So here I figured this would be the test of the super tubes. The first one lasted for about 1km! Leaking around the vent on a climb. Hank, who also stopped and helped me on my first flat helped me again. We got it all together and Isabella also stopped. As i was ready Hank offered me a spare tube and Isabella a CO2. Very thankful as I needed it later on. The second; lasted well, rode much like tubless and felt pretty good that it would last. My only concern was thorn; which became real just as I had started enjoying the ride with Henry. Pretty slow leak but took no chance and put in the one Hank gave me. Spent more time trying to get the thorn out, longer nails would have helped. Vitor was long gone at around 30 km mark but now the three guys in the lead from the main group and a few more passed by some of who Id passed a couple of times by now.&lt;br&gt;<br>
With no more tubes and 50 km to go I took no risks. Enjoyed the coblestone climb up to the castle and the sunny hot day. Started focusing on eating and drinking a little bit; finished both bottles before the finish line! </p>
<p>At the finish I spoke with a few guys. Vitor told me that out here always put sealant km the tire too. I had the tool and sealant with me but never thought of it. He also said he didnt know he passed me so rode hard to catch me and ended up setting new course record today. Good for him; not so good for the women next year as their handicap will be a bit shorter. Then Henry told me there is a plug kit that is 99% safe and I could have continued with tubless. So tomorrow I will have plugs, sealant and tubes in my pocket.</p>
<p>And Craig, the 50/50 seem right, I chose the bad one first. Second one seem good, patched and ready for some real tests but not until home.</p>
<p>This stage is pretty nice; some good mixture of dirt.&#160; and rocky trail; perfect hot weather, some mud then some water crossings to clean the happy people crossing the line.</p>

No stats from the chief dad yet; but definitly some places down today. Think around 7 across the line but with the top guys pretty far ahead.

New day tomorrow; long pedal day!

Happy riding!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Portugal Day 3..., not sure were to start. Think ill have to save most and share over coffee after a group ride. It is suppose to be hard, if you come in thinking anything else you will suffer more than most. We all physically suffer equally, then it's up to the strength of your mind to pull you through it. Mine got a real test today.
This stage was my favorite last year, and same goes this year as for the type of riding. But compared to last years awesome views to help the smiles come out this year i was covered in rain and fog with about a 10 meter view for most of it.

It all started quiet nice. I loved the first decent on the cobble, wakes you up thats for sure. The climbs were not too bad but with the wind and some logging going on it definitly slowed it down. But felt I went in a decent pace and focused on eating a gel every hour. And every second I also had a waffle with it. Though a bottle and a half might be something i can work on tomorrow. Though I was frozen more that sweating
today so think i was good.

The first major climb ended and just a bit down (60km in) Vitor comes by. With a smile like the other days. I figure since its defending for the next 10-15 km I could possible hang on. Thouh with no glasses on and wet it was hard; put glasses on quick and saw less; stopped again to take them off and he was gone. Oh well; fun for 10 seconds; take what i can get :)

Second climb started on the road and thouh by time so frozen both shifting and breaking is done awkwardly and only when really necessary, i was in pretty good spirit. The climb brought back a lot from last year. This is where the 4 passes me one by one; Craig being one. So I kept looking back. The wind was so hard I felt i went backwards. And close to the top is when my mind lost its normal positive outlook. When I finally reached the second last top it flatten out a; i was happy for a minute bit quickly fell apart in the heavy wind and wet sand just sucking the last bit of energy out of me; while looking back hoping I didnt get cought. At last CP still no sign of the boys. Now only about 100 or so elevation on the road and them all down. I tried to push a bit harder but bike didnt really move much faster. I remember thinking if they come Ill just fall down and quit. Not a good positive thought so it sort of made me smile on the inside thinking we put our self thouh this by choice. <br>
I made it and the 15 km road decent; little flat gravel section, I tried to hang on the handlebar with my chilled hands and give her in the pouring rain at this time. Actually used the GPS to navigate when to look up; as glasses didnt work today, made it extra exciting.

Crossed the finish second! So happy and so tired. Just like a stage race should make you feel.
Katy had a good day; didnt think it was as hard; she had a Norwegian guy to ride with so of course the Norwegian have that affect. She had a coffee shop stop and thought about shopping a bit, took lots of picture when the fog let up and now enjoying some time on the massage table.

My dad finally made it to the finish line...mostly due to no views so went to hotel.

His stats are telling me I had the 7 best total time and 2 with handicap. Got second overall back.

Off to some great dinner at the awesome hotel H2.

Happy riding!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Portugal Day 2...

... just as hard as I remember it from last year.

It felt good in the beginning and i love the decent about 10km km on the old Roman stone going right down to the bottom of the valley and then takes you back up on the other side. Other highlights; a couple of Roman bridge crossings, some fun technical climbs; followed by same terrain going down on the other side, some Moab like riding with rock surface mixed with sand and off course seeing my dad at all the CPs. Though looks like he missed the finish again, he is planning a new tactic for the day tomorrow so he can beat me, have time to eat and who knows, maybe some golf

Vitor cought me early today and was nice to slow down for a few man to let me ride the wheel, so nice. But as soon as slopes up a bit Im just not strong enough. So back in my lonesome.
At about 20 km before the finish Henry was on. Solo. He is riding so strong, took his wheel and worked hard on the flats to keep it. He seem stronger climbing this year or maybe last year he was nice to the Dutch that usually rode with him, or maybe im not as strong on the hills, either way I really get pushed to my limits so we will see if can use the benefit of riding with Henry later in the race as last year. Be good if I can.
Very close to the finish two Portuguese guys passed by on a climb, felt like i was standing still. Which I probably were. Henry stuck with me for a sec, I told him to go get them and off he went with a smile. Didnt hold to the end but he nicely bridged the gap and showed those kids how to ride on your own!

From there I rode the slowest 4km I've done. Got passed by another rider but legs could barley turn. About 35 min! And so happy to see the hotel. Think I need to find something good to eat; not getting enough in me on the bike, less than kates standard, not sure what i could put in my pouch for tomorrow massive mountain bar, a waffle and two drinks in 6hrs..with air buns for breakfast!

Got all my split times and stats compared to pretty much every rider in the top ten or twelve ...good job; dad! I shaved off 30 or so minutes from last year in pretty much same conditions. So happy with my day
Had an awesome massage, some good snacks and got Katy's update. She had a good day out there, finished with a bike in order and walking around on her own legs and survived a few dog chases out there. Good for another day tomorrow after a massage.

Time to rest then dinner...

Happy Riding!

Pre race....


110 km and 2900 km. Was a hard one last year but need to save a bit for a big one tomorrow. Hopefully less wet and less wind.

Happy Riding!

Portugal Day 1 ...

... definitly did not disappoint those who were looking for a challenge!

Most of the day is mostly a blur; but i remember it was hard. At the start i hoped a few with go with me, but off the start i was on my own. The first climb didnt seem to be affected by the rain so i settled in my own pace and started making a doggie escape plan for km 36. As i approached the farm i could hear one of the dogs barking right away. I thought for a second he was fenced in; but then realise the gate was open. I had my sandwich ready as my plan was to give it some food. But as he comes out of the gate his buddies from last year got a hunch of it all from fields and started bolting over as well. Just to slow to catch me; probably reached my max heart rate of the day. But could calm down on the climb away. Now the dogs were ready for the rest of the field to follow, but so far no reports of injuries.

Two more dog chases later in the race are really the only events i remember. The rest in a general summary. Got cought by the winner at 80km; held his wheel throuh town (a min maybe) almost crashed into him as he thought he saw a water stop and hit his breaks emergency hard!. He flew away pretty quick as soon as the slightly down turned to slightly flatter and up. The day was really muddy and rainy with a lot of wind in my face. Though since i never have a wheel in front I can stay cleaner at least! I held to the finish with no one else passing me; thouh the last 40 km seemed to last forever and not until i could see Henry and his ridding buddy of the day did I kick my self in the rear did I pick it up one notch to not let them catch me. Got a bit concerned when my gps said 142 and still no town in view! :) it did show up thouh after a steep coblestone climb right in to town.
Slower overall time for me thus year; with about 20 min. Felt things went good and I worked harder that last year so my guess is the mud and wind had some impact. Hope I didnt dig too deep and have left a bit for the next few days.

Had an awesome massage and soon some dinner and them maybe tonight my circadian rhythm is adjusted enough to allow for some good sleep.

Katy is over for her massage and had to pull out later on the race due to her wheel not holding together. She said she felt pretty good until that point so it should be a good day tomorrow. She supplied us with some nutella, chips and rice crispies so definitly a good roommate !

My dad had a good day thouh missed a few check points and finish line due to some getting lost with the guide. Tomorrow he will turn to our new friend TomTom and see if he can beat me to the finish ..

Time for dinner!

Happy riding!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Portugal day zero...

...was mostly wet.

After a rather long drive up from Lisbon we arrived the hotel just after midnight; which today I learned was just a bit after the bus that left a few hours before us, so i cant complain.
Same hotel, few of the same people, same pre activities and pretty much the same weather; a bit more steady rain and wind today but hoping it'll clear up a bit tomorrow. With all being the same Im pretty relaxed, thouh the biggest change is not spending a week in Norway. My body is feeling hung over and tired from no sleep so hoping for a good rest tonight.

Great to see some of the same people again this year and nice to meet some new once. There is about 8
female riders so hope it'll be a few to ride with.

Bikes are built and a quick test ride with Katy. Bellys are full and now time for sleep.

Happy riding!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Happy dog...

...with a new view. Now, hopefully the new chair will have less white hair.
Thanks to Craig for such an awesome doggie bed; including his own drawer for toys!

So after a lot of bike stuff going on, by about 11 last night almost everything packed. Bike box should meet the 50 lbs limit; the bag after stuffing it with food this morning might not be so lucky. Hopefully the AC check in person is in a mid week happy mood.

Trying to finish up some work, but rather inefficient with the computer guy still working on my computer since 8am!....bad day for IT issues. But soon ill be on an airoplane and that will be the least of my worries.

Start prepping the mind for about 1200km and just over 24000 m of climbing over 9 Maybe not but totally an experience Im looking forward to with a bit of worries but mostly smiles. This years addition to team kate is the "coach". My dad will be joining me; and with my lack of preperation i seem to not need to worry. He has it all planned; every day race strategy apperantly in place; based on intensive statistically analyzes of last years race. Go dad! I will just worry about eating, resting and biking ...easy peacy ... Oh and blog updates!

Happy Riding !