Thursday, November 05, 2009

Almost half way there..

.. for one of them anyway...

The last update from the Training Centre is that Toby is continuing on with regular obedience, while Sequoia will the next week be in specific training to work on her issues of aggression towards other dogs. This was the main reason for "shipping" her off. She will most of the time play great with dogs, she'll lay down and let little dogs play on her, she will be pulled and she will pull, she'll behave like a good dog. Then there is the occasion when she'll start to show signs of stress and dislike with the play, she'll start off whit lifting her lips a little bit, if this doesn't turn the other dog around, she'll show the pretty white teeth, most of the time this will turn the other dog around, but in the case of the other dog not taking this "dominance", it'll go to the next step --> doggie fight!! She does not accept that other dogs want to be the alpha and this is not acceptable to me as it creates situations out of my control. She is big and can easily cause lots of damage. On trail runs I always have to worry about meeting other dogs as on the trail it she is more likely to try to be dominant than at the dog park. This is my favorite time with them, as well as their favorite time, and I'd like to be able to give them this time. As a dog owner it's hard to accept that your loving, huggable, fluffy dog needs work. If Sequoia did never have to deal with other dogs or people, she is the perfect dog for me. But what kind of life would that mean to her? Be on a leach for the rest of her life, no more socializing at the dog park, no more being a dog!? That is how a lot of people would deal with this issue. Keep the dog away from what could turn ugly or stressful situations. I'm hoping it can be different and that training Sequoia the right way, she can be a good dog, more predictable and earn the right to enjoy a real dog life! So that is her focus for the next week! This also means she'll be one week behind in the regular obedience training, which Toby is on right now, so unfortunately her stay will be extended with an extra week. But in the end she'll be a happier dog, and I'll just have to suffer one more week of withdrawal.
Toby is on schedule as far as I know. No real update on how he is adjusting but I'm exited that he is halfway through and soon to come home. It's been a real experience to be part for this long, most people that do not have pets will not understand this connection, but they become such big part of your life and when not around it truly is an adjustment.
I missed the race in UT last weekend due to work. I finished up work late Saturday night and headed down to Edmonton Sunday for a training course.
This last week in Edmonton have been ok, the weather for this time of the year is great! I got to try out the Ibis Mojo last night and really like it, though very unsure about what bike to get if I go a bit bigger. Suggestions???
Course is done today, just having lunch as we speak, then Saturday I'll fly out to sunny FL to visit with my dad. Very exiting! Tomorrow I'll head down to Calgary for the day, maybe get a ride in.

Enjoy the November weather,
happy riding,

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