Sunday, February 20, 2011

Riding weekend...

So from spending most weekends in the mountains playing outside, this weekend I decided to dedicate to the bike, as news since last weekend is the added TransPortugal to my schedule. A race I have wanted to do but not had the chance. Now I'm booked and better start getting ready, meaning more time on the bike.

little added playtime for the boys
Minor mechanical.
It wasn't the best weekend for riding outside, so Saturday was indoor session. Indoor cycling have never been my thing, and never will be, I've tried it all, movies, music, ipad, books etc... it will never fit the definition of fun. So yesterday I went over to Bow cycle and thought I'd get one of those Spinnervals, "motivational" training sessions for indoor, oh heck, lets just get 3 while I'm at it!! I'm sorry Coach Troy, you just did nothing for me!! and neither did the 100 riders in the room riding with him... so I was back at listing to my TV rave party and just getting through the session. So if anyone is interested in my three movies, two never used let me know!! Though what has added some element of fun is using Katys trainer which reads out power. Something new to focus on, so that keeps my attention for a bit. I even figured out how to calibrate it after my first ride, and now I can't get anywhere near the power I had before calibration. Prior to it I felt pretty strong... now I have a long ways to go!!

Today was a good day though, my first mtb ride of the season!! and it is never boring!! -15 seemed to be a cold one, but as usual I'm hot after my first two pedal strokes. Mostly from being scared for what will happen on this ride, my last ride with the group was long and hard, this one turned out to be great fun! Ended up starting the ride with a flat tire outside cadence, guess the cold did something to the Stans, or the fact that the bike hadn't seen the sun since the fall. Pumped it back up and it was all good.
Road trough Bowness, up to Tuscany, back down to Bowness and the valley over to Montgomery and the trails in Edworthy. And never got cold, not hands, not feet. Good winter day I'd say. And hopefully some more to come, and soon spring....

Portugal in end of April is giving me all the motivation I need to keep pedaling... even indoor!

Happy riding!

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