Sunday, February 22, 2009

23 Feb, 2009

Ok, so second posting.... promise I wont keep counting posts in the future.. but here we go..

Since work has been busy (strange; with the slowdown of most projects up here...) I decided that it was time to take a couple of days off! So I've had 5 days to play and enjoy! It's been great to hang out at home with the dogs, get out on great hikes and rides.

I'm also exited that over the weekend I was able to put this little movie together. The BB and my small camera did pretty good, but by far Oscar quality! It is a clip of Fort McMurray riding in the winter, probably best suited for those who already know some of the trails in town (they can appreciate what they see a bit more..) and definitely suited best for those who consider them self single track lovers! (warning! there are not a lot of people in every shot, but lots of single track:)...... and sadly, with the limited resource and knowledge of any audio or video software, I was unable and after 3 days, unwilling to search for suited tunes. (and to those who jipped me for $3.89 for unlimited 3 days music downloads, but after I paid, I can only get to naked people pages!!! I want my money back!!).

The movie plays best on HQ! (one link is facebook, one is YouTube)


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