Wednesday, April 08, 2009

..and then some more!

So training camp is over and my plan was to head east somewhere, though after checking with the weather man I decided to add a few nights in Zion. Steve and Karen from Hardcore also headed this way and said to stay put as weather out in Moab/Fruita was no good. So the day after training camp I took it easy and joined Steve and Karen for a hike up to Angels Landing, suggested to me by my friend Bernie! Did he forget I'm not great with heights?

The park is beautiful and the hike started with a shuttle ride up to the trail head, then a few km of switch backs up through canyons and amazing scenery. Then about 0.5 miles from the top it turns into a climb with chains to hold on to. I already had butterflies in my belly and some shaking going on! Steve was on his way up so I figured I had to at least give it a try. I manage to go about 20 meters up on the chain but that was it. Watching some kids (off leash!) hanging off a three with one error to death just got me shaking and thinking way too much. It was a bit of traffic as well, and with only one way up and down it got a bit much for me, so I sat down, let people pass and then headed back down, still alive! phuuu... Back at the lodge our friend from Kelowna had finished his massage and cooked up a great meal!

Next day I met up with Steve and two of his friends on Guacamole, the trail I did with the group a couple of days prior. We got lost a bit but had a great ride! From here I moved from Zion to St. George. A nice little Best Western will be my stop until Friday.

Yesterday we rode Barrel Roll, Stucki Springs and Bearclaw Poppy, we got in a great loop of 50 km with a stop at McDonald (later regretted that choice, nevers sits well). A ride I hope to do again before I go! Such fun, fast flowy with some good climbs and views! About 30C also makes for the warmest day of the trip, and the day just never ended with good stuff. Some friends of Karen and Steve's invited us over for dinner at their campground and I had the best meal of the trip, with my fav. ice cream and fruit/berries to top it off, and some over the fire talk to settle the heart rate down to a peaceful state! Life is good!

They called for rain today, so good day to do laundry and catch up on emails etc. But of course so far no rain!! Might go for a little road spin of St. George later on. Plan for tomorrow not yet made, all I know there is a good ride coming.
The Fort McMurray crew should be on the road tomorrow morning, I'm very exited to see them all :) Though as winter is done for me, I will not join them in a day of skiing in Park City. Rather, I'll hang out with the Toby and Sequoia as we have lots to catch up on! By Sunday we'll be in Moab at last.

Happy Riding!


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