Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 0 ...

...of the race is a short warmup for the rest of the week.

Not sure i should update blog with a report just yet as im still recovering from a tiny bit of a disappointing end of the day. But we live and learn and move on...
We stared down in the older part of Cordoba with a neutral 8km or so through the town. I didnt really get to see too much of the town as all my attention was on the more than 400 riders already racing for a good spot in the end. It was pretty crazy with walking old people on the sidewalks not too happy with all the riders taking over the sidewalk, us as well, trying to advance a bit more up the pelaton. We started off dead last but think we got up to around 100 maybe at the end. Hard to say.
Then the race started. Some dirt double and single track; lots of jams and hiking and not too many places to go but the pace was pretty good for me. Think Craig had more in him so he took both bikes and i ran up in front hoping to pass a few people (he mumbled something about this is how Erik moves up). After a while of climbing we had some fast double track desending and some gradual climbing that lead in to some great single track down and then some awesome doble track fast and technical down. So far great day; legs a bit heavy but ok. Then my chain jumped off and got jamed and while putting it on i wasn't sure if Craig went by, I thought he did. With that in mind I moved like crazy on the last bit of down and pretty much to the finish line but didnt see him. We have to be within two minutes so rather than going throuh i went back to a good view and waited. Afte ra few minutes I figured he had a minor break down and would show up soon. No Craig and no English speaking help to get. After a while i started riding back up, little by little. Hmm now worried a bad crash had happened. Pretty much every rider in the race went by. And im still riding up. Got a few spanish coments and pointing fingers. Eventually i turn and see our Madrid friend coming up to get me. He says Craig ia at the finish line. Also he not so great witb English. But I do get that he is ok. We ride back to the finish and I'm pointed to cross the line, and there is Craig.
I guess Craig thouht I was ahead and didnt see i was stopped to fix bike. He crossed the finish and then learn i was not there. But now he couldn't go back. He goes throuh the same search exercise that i did but on the other some of finishline. So here we are. Day 0 and dead last and still waiting for officials to say yes we are still in the race. They think we are but with my time as official time with a time penalty as well for the gap..hmm be a hard one to pick up. But hopefully we can still race for stages, at least we are both ok; no physical injuries...and something learned.

New day tomorrow and more Happy riding!

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