Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stage 3 - ...

...priego da cordoba loop.

Why do we do this again? We even pay big bucks to do it. Its an addiction  of sort and at the end of it we wanna do it all again; the pain is forgotten. So i keep reminding my self of that while a knife is poking my shoulder and legs are screaming for a break but Craig the machine just wanna go harder. Gives me a push that accelerate the bike and forces me to downshift and push a bit harder just when i think im maxed out. Well that summarizes todays stage.

The neutral ride throuh town was just like all other days. Out of gate 5 today so a bit less riders to get through. The lead team was in our sight through all of it. Then gravel and we lost sight and never saw them again. The pace was high and plenty of rolers my favorite. Then climbing; i seem to remember a lot of that today. Some beautiful road and gravel climbs, very steep. Down to feed to was my favorite of the day. Some awesome decent with a bit of everything. Boulders, coble stone, steps, loose gravel....
My least favorate was about 5 km from finish and we hit a climb that pretty much looked like a wall in front of you!.... It felt like a really long few km to the finish, but it felt good to be done and happy to know we took another stage. Another fancy Oki camera and plack.
Stayed clear of Olga today and glad i did as the muscles are very unhappy with any touch. Heather be warned; clear the calendar for next week! :)
After such good food in Cordoba it was a hard one to match here in Jaen, not bad but we are spoiled now.

Tomorrow is suppose to be the hardest day of the week; yay! 86.6 km and 2741 meter elevation! The area is quiet a bit more mountainous and i expect there will be aomething great views. Only two more days of this journey. Still in gate 5.

Happy riding!

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