Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dirty Feet ...

... Enduro in Kamloops on the agenda, recovery ride is what my legs felt like. This race was definitly low key compared to the metal but still great to attend a local event. Its a lap race; 6 hours to get in as many as you can.

Got to the venue a bit late but I quickly figured it was ok as legs didnt feel like warming up any way. Alana and I signed up for women duo and I would ride the first three to make it home before dark. They were staying another day so it worked out well.

Off the star we climbed up a double track hill and I was already on empty; would be a long three hours I thought. After the initial climb some fun flowy single track, felt like sideshaw bob but much longer and with better flow of course. Made it through the first lap and new I only had two more in me which would leave me at just over two hours.... Good thing Alana loves to ride bike :)
Each lap was a little better but with little knee aches and being very tired there was no motivating phrases I could run through my head to make my self do one more. So Alana would get more for her Money! Special deal from me today!....
Got her update and she was the superstar of the day with five laps and got us the win.

While she rode five laps I drove a slow drive back to Calgary in mostly rain. Hope the summer will consider a visit while family is here in a couple of weeks.

Happy Riding!

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