Saturday, June 16, 2012

Organ Grinder ...

... 5 hrs Enduro!  with the uncertainties in weather and the already pretty wet trail it was scheduled an hour later and a 4 hour race. I was ok with that. The sky looked ok and it was definitly warmer. Planned on riding steady and not too hard. Did just that. Figured 4 laps was all i could get in anyway. After three I really thought hard about pulling the plugg. The bike was in terrible shape; breaks stuck, fork rigid, gears skipping. The trail was getting worse too. But not finishing what I had set out for was not reAlly an easy thing to do for me. And with plenty of time for another round of a muddy but fun loop I headed out.

Good day all in all! Great to see so many out still after a chilly and muddy Saturday. Impressive to even get the rigs ready after what we put them through. That said; with two days of wet and mud my bike has now gone thouh a significant "clean". Wallet clean mostly. Brand new break set, rebuilt fork, new cables and chain and a little soap and water....and magically there looks like a bike ready for more action.

Jon also had a solid day and he had two of his jersies podium today! Nice work!

Test of Metal next.

Happy riding!

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