Friday, September 14, 2012

Bow80ish weekend...

... as good as it gets.

With no rain and warm weather forecasted it was deemed to be a perfect weekend of riding and racing.

Thursday after flight home Toby and I did a jeans ride on the Gary Fisher 26er. It went a little longer than planned as I forgot how much I enjoy this bike....when i putting it back on the wall did not feel quiet right. It should be used more often by someone so guess Ill get on ebay shortly.

Friday it was a pre-ride with Chad to check out Pnuma and SpecialK. Toby joined in and with a cool morning he was full of energy. The cows where pretty much everywhere this morning to enjoyment for Toby. At least it kept him busy enough to avoid any refreshments of his white fur...
Nice ride; but unfortunatly with moving truck on the way Chad had to pull out for Sunday. With  nice fall there will be plenty of opportunities to ride the course.

Saturday was Calgary Corporate Challenge; hard time pulling an IOL/Esso team this year. But in the last minute we had two girls and a guy. Nice morning at COP and busier than other years. Cesar was resting so had the managers role for CNRL, no rest for Shawn who took the three lapper for MTB. Thanks to Pam and Ryan to pull a two and three lapper for us and letting me get away with a one lap race. Shawn took the win with his team while we at least got ahead of CNRL  :) nice work.

Rest of Saturday spent to get bike ready; new tires seem to not wanna seal. Thouh as long as they are rolling it seem to work....good incentive to keep moving in Sundays race.

Early start Sunday; a few waffels for fuels and off to the races. As usual a little late; but as Mani passes me on the highway .... I know its not just me.
Somehow get my self at the start line in time. Didn't feel very snappy this morning so skipped the crazy hard start and settled in a steady pace pretty much right off the bat. Tried to just hold it through as I knew Trish is riding very strong and expected her on my wheel anytime. I never saw here. Finished in 430; a bit faster than last year but think the course was faster this year so hard to compare. Happy I can put in a good hard effort even on a day were body is not feeling the greatest.
Great turnout and everyone seem to have a great ride. Some nice hot dogs and grass time before awards. Nice to just hang out and catch up with people and watch riders cross the finish line.
Suzanne and her friend had a goal of finishing the race. And as first year rider she made both cutoffs and crossed the line. Huge accomplishment; longest ride so far. Stage racing next?
Great weekend!

Happy Riding!

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