Monday, September 24, 2012

Post Houston...

...weekend; two days to catch up.
This weekend I was not successful in recruiting Craig for rides. Not to upsetting as I felt pretty tired and had a few things to get done.
Headed out to west bragg Saturday and brought Toby along to explore some new trails out there. Ended up stuck on top of the start of strange brew with a sign saying it was closed. A couple of guys told me there is a way down just not on the map. So we joined them. Great ride; fall colours and some great singletrack. Toby impressed and I impressed less with a double flat on the same rock. One fixed it self after adding some air and the second was fixed with the magic plugged kit. Third time its saves the ride this year.
Sunday I headed out with Trish. An awesome ride; canmore to banff along Rundle then up and over Stoney Squa (?), aar back to Canmore mostly on Goat Creek and down to Nordic center on a great down hill trail. Nice hard pace but with Trish slow tire leak I got a few much needed breaks here and there...
Love fall riding!


  1. Hi Kate

    Great to hear about your rides. I was wondering what trail you were riding from goat creek to the Nordic Centre? You called it a great downhill, but I don't know of any trail that connects the two other than the Smith Dorian Trail (the gravel highway). Do have any other details on where the trail is, or someone else who might know? Thanks a bunch

  2. I think it's called reclaimer? it's starts on just down the gravel road a bit.