Saturday, December 29, 2012

3rd last ...

... ride of the year was nothing less than perfect.
A few minor technical difficulties to start the day didnt seem to affect it even though it included no mocha until cochrane!
After a good breakfast the group of Craig, Thomas, Shawn and Craig M. agreed that north route through Tuscany would be a great way to start. Sweet single track and pretty much zero road all the way to crowchild (or 1A). From there Shawn had a plan. A little bit of road and off to some brand new trail for me. Great little connection almost to the train track truck trial we hit after crossing the river. It did include a little jump though a back yard and some minor grass wacking. Shawn took a moment to create some beautiful art with his mtb...cross looking bike.
The train truck trail was driven once or so hence in perfect shape for narrow ride to park entrance. Awesome.
Then the park path. Almost got use of the SOL when Craig almost ducked under the ice, wet feet he could handle, tough guy. Very icy and scenic ride. The hill out was harder than ever. And my slowest strava time is on record. The Mocha could not come any sooner. Nice lunch at our regular spot.
Back roads back to city was plan, little detour through city water line which started off as a highway packed trial but of course it couldn't last. Not sure my convincing fact about it being the most direct route home was believed by all. But the trail was just nice enough to allow as to keep pedaling though to the  end of it. So far zero highway (ah guess tiny bit out of cochrane), another new backroad and the regular route pass our doggie friend Londons house. In to Bowness Craig had not had enough so took us on the upper route back in....which on a good day...on the summer .... I sometimes clear oh actually Ive never cleaned it all and today was definitly not it either. Legs were really happy but really tired and so was the mind. Survived an awesome ride and even made it though a doggie walk and bike wash (it is at least ready for tomorrow)....
2 more days left of 2012.... Two more great rides is possible, but today will be hard to beat :)
Happy riding!

Cool new connection - thanks Shawn!
Craig M still on top of the ice...
Awesome river overflow - the path is under there somewhere
Looked much cooler in the real world...

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