Sunday, December 30, 2012

Second last...

... ride of 2012, possible the last.

Todays ride consisted of pure "ride cause I love it". Legs were pretty much empty as I woke up, but with most of my holidays in freezing temperatures and soon back to work you just can't give up a day of riding when the sun is shining!

Shawn and Craig was probably on time based on their clock and after a good breakfast and Mocha we got on the bikes for 10. With no real plan in mind other than Fish Creek as a destination we rode some single track and roads down to Glenmore, and eventually Fish Creek. I'm barley hanging on (well,  I'm probably not hanging on, but they kindly wait) but when on the trails it doesn't really matter, I'm still enjoying every minute of the hard work. Legs haven't felt this nice and tired in a long time. While the boys seemed like they could go on and on - duking it out on a big hill in the park - the well covered up guy was not too impressed with two guys on bikes trying to steal "his" line and with his bear spray you probably wouldn't want to pick a fight.
But the bigger adventure of the day was probably trying to find a spot for lunch. Shawn finally made the call and it was a success! Farmers market! And while Cindy and Erik is over there enjoying the real European way of living, we got a taste of the same stuff. Violin playing live, gelato served and other great foods, free tasters which Shawn took advantage off, and an great Mocha!

Ride home was just a push of the last I had in the legs. Managed to get on a little single track Erik showed us a while back and then path back to Bowness.

Happy Riding... maybe one more.. maybe not this year...
Glenmore single track

Shot captured...
The guy playing the violine and Gelato served.... what more can you ask for!?
oh yeah and food... lots of food.

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