Sunday, March 18, 2012

4 days and....

... 3 pretty good rides, first wipe out of the year and the beginning of my barista future ...
Last day in Canmore was done early enough to get in touch with Craig and get in a city loop on the bike. We road the paths down to Fish Creek and back up along the river. Done this loop a few times and each time im equally impressed and happy to have this in the city i live. After about 80km of riding we decided to visit cafe Rosso...been a while...but as we walked in with huge smiles and with great coffee on our minds the guy tells us its closing :(...attempt 2...purple perks on 4th...pot roast and mashed potatoes sounds great...but nope...they do not have's just a menu teaser ....thouh coke in a real bottle made up for that :)

Friday was running around day. Finally got my bike un wrapped from Spain and dropped off at Ridleys for an awesome tune up...felt a bit wrong not to ride as the weather was so great, but also good to get a few things done.

Saturday was ride one for weekend. Craig, Erik, Shawn and Gary came out. We started a bit earlier which i like; thouh struggled with getting dressed; not used to cold weather. Frosty morning and probably only reached 5; bit i still managed to over dress. First jacket off before we even hit the trails. Road the single track out to the start of paved path to Chocrane. With the cold the trails were pretty perfect, no mud and only a few spots of ice; which Gary seemed to find them all :) The path was clear most of the way besides the overflowed section that will need aomething time to clear. This is were i decided to do my first real wipe out. Managed to find a good soft spot in the snow/ice and bike did an instant stop; not so much me, i kept on going and flew over the bars with all sorts of thoughts flying throuh my head....all ended well after i spent a few min getting my breath back. Pain didnt really show up until the first little hill and I got off the seat to climb, and from there on it gradually appeared little by little. And the amount of bumpy trail we did, going north to big spring didnt help to much. But I figured today will be less sore than tomorrow so might as well get it all in! As we hit the asphalt heading back east to Calgary I felt the pace; either i was tired or the boys were racing up the hills. Had to let them go on the longer one; Craig was nice enough to drop off with me; the wind that was called for from the East was apparent now. Got back in the group and the pace eventually became more manageable and I made it home in one. Great day and ended it with a great lunch at Cadence.

Sunday ride was in the air after a bit of a long night trying to figure out sleep without moving. But as i got up and on two legs moving around things felt better, took Toby for a quick spin to test it all out and figured id be good for a smooth path ride. Craig, Cesar, Devon and I did a repeat of Thursday. But to top it off; Coffee Rosso was open! Great ride again and as impressed with the path system as always.

Also did a second visit to Rosso to pick up my new bed time reading....still working out my barista skills and now there is no stopping me. Had ny first behind the counter class with the real thing and soon ill be making birds and other fine art in my mochas !

Perfect weekend!

Happy Riding!

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