Saturday, March 10, 2012

First ride...

...since returning from Spain! This week went by very quick with a bit of a scare early on with a good snow storm (sort of)....but with one day of wind and heat it all left us and today was prime conditions for a group ride.
The biggest turn out yet this year! No drop ride was the plan and that does bring out more people which is great. I didnt count but 15 +- im sure. We had a little social before starting with stories from Spain. And one reflection from the trip was how laid back the people are and so respectful to everyone that is out. As a lost tourist in trafic circles or a rider on a narrow road; they just take their time and give you space, seems to not even face that someone made a mistake or are in their way.
Here in Calgary on the other it only took a little bit onto our ride and we are honked at for riding our bikes; not the friendly kind of honk. And later driving downtown folks are so busy and rushed and they all think they are the only once with an agenda so everyone else better get out of their much angry unnecessary energy; why is that driven into our culture? We live once and spend so much of our time worry and upset about others action. I try to just smile and go on with a happy day!
And our ride; despite a few honks were just that; happy ride! We rode to chocrane as a group but today i had broken my rule of scheduling things in too soon after a ride and had to leave them there and ride home without a real lunch stop. Thouh i did get a nice Mocha in first:)
Cesar and I rode a bit of the Glenbow park then up and out and finished on the highway.

Well in summary; great March Saturday ride with great turnout and hopefully many more to come!

Happy riding!

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