Friday, March 30, 2012

Less riding and...

... more time for shopping!

So another week and still not much progress on the rib issue. Tried a short ride but it seem counter productive if I am gona have a shot at Watervalley this weekend. So with more time on my hand I cought up on some bike part shopping.
So if I don't ride good at least ill look good, the bike that is. Thanks Craig for showing me the fancies. Starting off with some blue/white theme of small items. Super lightweight too. And new drive train on the way; found a 24/38 kit and crossing fingers it'll work. This will have my Superfly ready in case new rig from Ridley's don't make it in time for Portugal.

Well; from no riding to Watervalley! Ride report to follow; looks like the boys are more excited about the beers at the lunch stop than the ride. Should be a  good turnout.

Happy Riding!

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