Sunday, July 29, 2012


...hike; followed by some home maintenance and Glenmore road spin. Since most of the folks i ride with is participating in the TR this week and my regular that rarly says no to a ride decided to catch up on work; well my motivation did not come back.
I have two dogs looking at me with a bit of "take us" eyes so I opted for a hike up Powder Face. I started out late but yet did not meet one person or bear om the way up or down. Nice and quiet! But not exactly the workout I was looking for after 5 days off. Managed to get in a spin around Glenmore to end the day and with the grass cut and house pretty tidy Id say it was a pretty good Saturday.

Sunday no choice but to have an awesome ride. And with the bow80 course and Ryan it should be good.

Happy Riding!

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