Sunday, July 29, 2012


...bow80 course.

Finally got in a good ride today. After a quick hike with the dogs at COP, Ryan and I headed out to bragg. We stached some drinks at PF lot and went back to station flats.
Road the Bow 80 course minus the cow trail up and around after praire creek. A great day, of course not getting on the bike untill 11 made for a really hot climb up sulphur after PF side. With my hardtail and a 24 on the front I really enjoyed every climb, but faded at the end and did some hiking just before specialK...not my favorite decent and it is really washed out. A few super fun sections makes it ok but in a race I dont super fancy a double track mud section and climb out to end a of a hard day.
Looking forward to the race thouh, its a great course that gets harder as you get into the race. After PF your really just warmed up!

Well that was the end of a short training period but with work in Calgary this week im fortunate to get a few mid week rides in.

Happy Riding!

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