Saturday, July 14, 2012

4 passes...; Rickert's, Sheep river, Elbow and Highwood Pass.

Family left yesterday so house is back to its quiet self and so it was nice to spend the days on a long ride with good riding friends; Alana, Craig, Erik and Trish.
Had an awesome time the two weeks after Fernie race hanging out with my family who I dont get to see much, but less long hard rides, so wasnt sure how the body felt.

Started with a gradual climb that eventually got steeper and harder as it went on up to Rickerts Pass. Great views and rewarded with a scetchy down at start then fun rugged mountain trail down to Sheep River trail. This one brought back some cold feet memories from last years ride with Katy. And it didnt dissapoint this time. Several crossings in freesing water! Though well above zero air this time so it wasnt too bad.
Decent down to Elbow intersection was fast and when stopped there I noticed my rear tire was flat. With a bit of help from Craig we plugged the tire with the kit Ive been carying since Portugal and it worked great!
Up to Elbow pass and down to the highway was the easier part of the route. The Highwood pass is pretty classic road climb that Ive never done. In the car out it didnt seem too bad. But the road up to just over 2200 metera felt long. Trish set a hard pace up, good for the legs. Then a 17 km mostly down to the car.

Great ride! Hope to spend lots more time on epic rides like this.

Happy Riding!

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