Friday, April 18, 2014

Coffees, snow, superstore, walmart, latex and ....

... new tools for Ryan....

A little bit more adventure than we planned but all in all a fun day after much debating of searching for sunshine or not. That said...  rumors has it the trails out in Invermere had been worth a trip for today, so Ryan will enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Been a while since I did the Fish Creek loop - the east side going back north is still not fully ridable. The plan was to cross bridge at the far south, but not fixed yet but possible a change to get over if you try, we did not try, but the next was not a change to use, so east path way along the river was the only option at that point. At a later point this option looked slim too. A lady construction watch wasn't too happy with us, but we were already through, the next section we anticipated another angry lady, but she was just wondering if we could make it through, so that she could do the same.

One of my favorite city loops, and sadly probably one of the most affected by last years flood. We will keep looking for better ways around while the pathways are being fixed up.

Other adventures included snow, wet snow, cold hands and latex gloves, coffee and search of a 10 mm tool for Ryan's crank - non of the fancy dealerships were open, kal tire closed, superstore no luck, and finally Walmart... a whole set including 10mm is now part of Ryan jersey pocket collection of stuff. My least favorite place saved his ride today....

The worst of the snow hit us just as we got to the city, so I'd say we were pretty lucky and all in all a good start on the long weekend. And my luck continued; Heather had time for a massage and Sarah fed my starving body an awesome dinner to end the day, thanks Heather and Sarah!

Happy Easter Riding!

First coffe stop, 5 min in!
Wet ride - by Stampede grounds
not much later - another coffee...
Latex or Gore-Tex?? as Ryan, I was happy with my Gore :)
assembling to head out again..
There was a nice break in weather through Fish Creek...
Craig and Ryan working the pathway... look, no snow!!
The start of less good pathway...
Thanks Sarah !!

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  1. Hi Kate from an Aussie (very amateur MTB'er) currently in Copenhagen, Dk for a few weeks. I'm following your blog on the Tour De Portugal and wishing you well for the remaining stages. What an amazing performance. Yay, keep going. Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable ride.