Friday, April 04, 2014

Thats what I call...

...a great spring ride! (It is Calgary after all so even with blue sky and 10 degrees we got some flurries... Go figure - but it had no impact on a great ride this time around:)

And it's only Friday!

Happy Riding this weekend!!

ps! will update Nepal as well, got to the point of all the notes I took after stages - now I'll have to recap, which I will, with time....though might be a skewed story as I sort of remember pain/baby wipes/spider/suffocating trapped in a sleeping bag/never do it again etc.... but now it seems to come out of my mind as awesome/great/fun/Africa??? should have kept taking those notes....

Around here; any direction you choose end up being a great option! We chose straight today - can't go wrong.
Good riding company, Craig and Cesar.
Cesar showing off some of his tricks...
A shadow!! it must have been sunny...:)
No end of good riding in sight!
Boys will be boys - I was more interested in the pink sign - my retirement activity plan ....
And some more tricks from Cesar... quick fix
Some fuel for Cesar and I while Craig left us ....but missed us too much and returned; we credited him back to only a 50% as-hole at this time - he agreed, but added something about "stupid" when climbing up the second time :) Lesson learned the hard way - stay with your friends!
The collection out today....
Thought I had to add a little review of my new Bullet - long time in the plans to get my old Bullet replaced - this one; bigger and claimed to be better - it so far has been awesome!! it's 10 seconds if you make something that is rather liquidy (spinach, some frozen fruits, little hemp seeds, add a little yogurt and some water, and I'll add a scoop of my meal powder (wholefoods), and whoala... a great meal!!! Took me pretty much the first 98km today before next meal.

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