Saturday, April 05, 2014

Stop it....

...Just Stop it!! was my saying for the day - and it worked in this case!


FB borrowed image - nice illustration of life..
(and why I like mountain biking)
sucker for pain... and the unplanned...
Each and everyone of us have gone through some bumps in the road, whether it is a big life event, bad race, bad day at work and the list can go on and on, we get stuck in a hole. And during those times as friends we stick up for each other and try to support. And lets not forget that however "small" we might think the hole is, for the person stuck there, it's real. But in the end, no matter how much support you give, the only person that can actually do something about it is you stuck in the hole! So eventually, You need to stop it! Just stop it! :)
Today we finally agreed on a south ride - it's been since last year since I last rode south. I needed a break from peeing along side a road with not one tree to hide behind! We rode south on the city pathways, mostly great, but still some icy/water filled section after Glenmore.
Crossed highway 22 over to the gravel roads and a few sections of asphalt (coal mine road is really the only name I remember). Pat and Shawn pretty much had the same thought but in the opposite direction and on road bikes so stuck to asphalt routes I'm guessing. After a rather lengthy chat (boys talk a lot of bike even when we could be riding instead) we moved on and the wind really picked up. It took us almost 5 hours from the start at Cadence to lunch stop in Bragg!!  Time to start brining some more food. But it was nice ride - Craig rode very strong after a rough start and it was great to see and great for me... I was suffering!
After the best lunch ever (felt so at the time) we rode fast the shortest way back to Calgary - the wind was our friend this time!

If I can find the energy to work on the bike - road tires ride tomorrow?

Happy Spring Riding!
Great south ride with Craig - lots of trees and great gravel options!
Shawn and Pat had similar thoughts today - in deep bike conversation.....

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