Saturday, November 17, 2012

Awesome November...

No virtual software can virtualize this!!!
... ride once again! You'll probably hear me say this a log, but I can't stop thinking how lucky I am to walk out my door with my bike and good friends all through the year and every time it turns out to be the best experience. I think the last few rides have had a very similar route, but I can't get bored of it, I'm not sure how that is. The views west grabs me every time, and nothing but the moment is present. I love the big sky and mountains in the far.

Today we started a bit earlier in the hope to have frozen conditions on the trails. Erik, Cesar and Craig M. showed up. We headed west through Bowness on the same old short sections of single track, they were in great shape so we decided that we could not skip Tuscan ravines on a day like today, nice frozen ground to start. The construction on Stony trail was really in motion this morning so we had to scramble a bit to hit the entrance. And right off the start we hit water, big water! Maybe this change is plan was not the best? We figured it would get better and hey what is a weekend ride with a bit of adventure. Erik thought it was very fitting since we love to explore, for a second I started thinking about the Vikings, explore and drink, need a little work on one part to live up to the real thing. Quick thought as my focus was required on the water crossings, Erik jumped over like a daisy, I not as swift.
Craig got a good dunk, but with the sun the wet didn't bother him.

Erik left us as we went back down to start our trek over to Cochrane along the river. A little new section, exploring the gravel pit a little closer, the ridge always fun, rail rode guys not done a great job the last few weeks on keeping our trails packed so good hard work until we hit the pathway. Nice for the legs. Craig wanted to practice climbing over the barbed wire fence while Cesar and I opened the gate and walked through. The porcupine from my last ride is still hanging out at the start of the path.
Did a little detour that I haven't done yet this year, gravel route up and over the hills in the park. Saw some tire marks and figured it had to be Craig S. since who would chose this route? well, besides us explorers... (not Craigs tires, so still a mystery). Poor Cesar was not feeling too good with an infection of sort, though both Craig and I agreed that it's good for him to feel the suffering once a while, since usually it's Cesar flying up the hills.
One more good climb after this and then our favorite coffee stop.

London, our new friend and newborn cycling enthusiast!
The return was on the south side and decided to stick to the road, since Cesar had home in mind! On airport road Cesar got his second wind and ready to go again! Now Craig had his moment but nothing a Portuguese gel couldn't fix. By the time we got to the turnoff to cross Hgw. 2 everyone seemed to be feeling good again so we decided on some more single track. Down between some houses a couple of dogs chased for a bit and by the time we hit the single track we had one new buddy, London, the dog. At one point we thought he had turned and gone home, but there he was again. Loving the ride and everyone we would meet. A call to Suzanne to meet us in Valley Ridge so we didn't have to ride on the road with our new friend. She and Craig drove him back, and I'm sure the next time around he'll be waiting for us again!
Cesar and I rode through the Stony bridge single track and back to Bowness.

What a great day, again!

Happy Riding!

Erik pondering about new bikes...

Craig M. still riding hard after a plunsh...

The Edge!

Glenbow Rd. Climb (according to

Cesar feeling it!

Craig post gel!!

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