Sunday, November 11, 2012

Even colder...

...Sunday! -18 to start the day.
Chilly, but based on my experience with Erik yesterday I dressed slightly lighter. Cross bike was ready from yesterday and happy to see air still in the new setup. Rode over to Cadence and felt pretty good in terms of clothing. Jon and I was the group, I think my first true pure Ridley's ride, I guess it takes real passion to dress up for a bike ride in -18. After a great Mocha we decided to head west and play on some single track to get warmed up. The sun was already feeling warm and the ride up Tuscany ravines definitely did the trick of warming you up. The new wheels are working the snow like a charm. Back down I had to ride hard to keep Jon's wheel, the trail in awesome condition. From there we ventured over through Bowmont, same tracks as with Erik yesterday, so lucky to have this in the back yard! Then some path ways and through Edworthy over to downtown path. A little bit of path along Elbow down to my old hangout, Coffee Rosso. Some other crazy riders beat us there, Suzanne and Michelle was having a snack and warming up. Great to see them out enjoying the great day. It definitely warmed up. Getting going after coffee with wet cloths was hard, but it only took a few minutes to warm up again. We continued on path and little bit of roads over to Glenmore, played on some single track and return the same way through town as we came. Pathways had some patches of ice/snow but other than that pretty good. Felt like Jon was holding a hard pace as we rode back west with a little bit of head wind (well he was in the head... I was hiding behind...), that was until Jon slowed down to chit chat with a guy he knew and mentioned he was out for a nice easy spin...... hmmm guess I have a bit of work to do. 5 hours later and I was pretty nice and tired. Not sure how warm it got this beautiful day, but definitely didn't stay -18 for too long. Two real winter rides in this weekend, looking forward to more. Figured out clothing, wheels are set up great and now it's just about getting as fast as I can by end of February.

Happy Riding!

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