Saturday, November 10, 2012

Very cold...

 ... morning!
The question today was who will be crazy enough to show up for a group ride! Erik sent a quick note out early in the morning and it seemed most were out. Though sine Erik was committed I felt obligated, as a bike rider and Norwegian, to suck it up and head out!
I had a hard time deciding on clothing. Riding over to Cadence I felt I had made some good choices, but the helmet with glasses did not work as well, the little skin showing got cold, and the rest of the body probably to hot. Erik got there on his new, old hard tail for the winter rides. He had chosen a ski helmet and goggles and that was the way to go. We decided to head to my place to do a quick swap, I also dropped a layer and grabbed ski helmet and goggles as well as a bike swap, got my dually with big tires. Great value detour.
We rode over to Stony trail and played the single tracks there, then up to Tuscany and it's always fun, both ways. By that time I had dropped big gloves, and jacket was open. We left in -15 but it is amazing how warm you get when you move around, and dressed with the right stuff.
I had a craft undershirt, craft warm layer (their extreme), Ridley's vest and jacket. On the legs; cycle shorts with knee warmers, Gore Windstopper cycling pants and thick socks covered with Sidi's winter shoes (oh and yes, I do use booties on top of the them). Hands, started with ski gloves, but quickly dropped them too, and rode with the thinner Gore Windstopper glove. Ski helmet and goggles. And it was plenty.
After west side we rode east through Bowmont, Little more work on those trails but great fun!
Erik kept the pace up and who would have thought -15 could turn out to be such a great ride....

Happy winter riding (even when it's really cold)!

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