Sunday, February 16, 2014

10 days ...

... and I'll be on the flight to far away. Whatever I haven't done, or gear I didn't bring, will be what it is. I think this weekend was a good run through for the legs. With a few minor tweaks to the body and gear and I should be ready set and go...
From here and in, I'll do a little bit more riding, but mostly focus on recovery and rest.
Saturday started at Cadence as usual, but on mountain bikes. We had a good big group and it was nice to see Craig out, and also Ryan from work who is getting ready for the Breck Epic this year. The route ended up being off road, and lots of train tracks, great since we were on mountain bikes, not so great with some upset ribs.
Tuscany was in prime conditions, from there we went through the park down to the river and train tracks. The Glenbow path was too snowy to make any headway so we decided to continue the train tracks. On a hard tail the key is to pedal a few gears heavier than you normally would like, keeps the bum up a bit, but it's hard push on the legs. Eventually we made to the section that is cleared and though some icy patches it is always good. Made it to Cochrane though, and after some good soup we decided to stick to gravel roads on the way back. The guys set a hard pace right off the bat, and I died quickly. By the time we got back to Calgary going the south route, I had my hardest (in terms of feeling it) ride of the year! I had nothing left in the legs and breathing was only done because you sort of have to....
Got the bike cleaned and after that it was all about rest, got served a "salad" (I mean a salad of all salads - thanks Sarah, sorry Chad), some stretches and that is all you get in when the tank is empty.
Today I felt ok getting ready, but planned on making sure I didn't push the breathing. A good group again, nice to see Pat and Alana out. We decided on north roads to Cochrane. As we moved on the wind was probably the heaviest I've ever experienced, when on the side it would push the bike to sliding on the gravel or snow/ice, sketchy. Alana left us into the ride, the wind on a just over 100 lber can not be easy...Then Erik had a mail function not too long after and had no choice but to call for pickup, and shortly after that Pat left us too. So it was Shawn, Jeff and I. I was a little concerned that would mean me alone in the wind; but thankfully they maintained a nice pace and allow me to sit in. Jeff was so happy, he was either singing or yelling of joy riding a route he had never done (and I get it, it's by far one of my favorite) when a second after he all of a sudden was on the grown with dollar bills flying. He went down pretty hard in front of me and by the time I got off my bike to check on him, Shawn was in the farmers field chasing flying money!! It was hard not to laugh, but Jeff was not, at least not at that point. He should have stuck to the coins from yesterday. Though by the end of it Shawn saved $60 and I saved $10.... What kind of lunch were you planning Jeff?? He ended up being ok, the shorts not so much, thank goodness this close to our trip, and the shorts I'm sure Alana can fix, it'll match the rest of your gear! We never did ride to Cochrane, decided on roads back to Calgary.
For about 90% (or maybe more) we had headwind or side wind.... so it was so nice when we finally turned back East! That lasted for about 4 min (a little less for Shawn)....
Good day out, the wind just makes us stronger.... or maybe not if you sit in the whole time...thanks guys.
Happy Riding!

Some fast guys up the ravines Saturday
As close as we get to Nepal training I guess...
It's steep!

Only a train in between us and the soup!

Soup couch!
The salad of all salads!!
Hmmm.... ??
Yeah, that's not right.....

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