Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cold, very cold...

... so what to do?

Spend the last couple weeks trying to find things to do to keep legs going. Temperatures in the minus 15-20 makes it hard, but not impossible, just little less and little different.

Watched this screen a couple of times, trainer indoors is not my favorite but now that I seem to have worked most of the bugs out of the software and the hardware is fixed it's ok for an hour or two once in a while.


Did some hikes at COP and Bowmont (and some guy was out a few times making a skating rink in the river, see him?).

Toby got more hikes than normal so he was super happy about the cold.

It was refreshing getting back out on the feet a few times.

Bundled up and road a few times, both COP and Tuscany trails were in great shape but as soon as sun went down or go down for any amount of time, I quickly got cold.

Stuck with my indoor strength program (well can't take credit for being good at the lower body workout as my first attempt resulted in a 3 day of unable to walk! - combined it with Shawns little trainer session, probably not a good plan). The upper body I took probably one step too far, and now trying to heal some really tight pecs and ribs that are not too happy with me! Learning the hard way. But got to hurt a little bit before it gets better and maybe the ability to not fully fill my lungs with air is a good simulation to the higher altitude riding??  But happy to say I've found a quick, fun and effective way of getting strength training in my program.

So it's what I've done the last two three weeks and hopefully it'll be good enough to feel ok in 2 weeks when we take off for 9 days of racing in Nepal. Weather looks up so still a time to test the fitness, gear and to get ready.

Happy Riding!

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