Friday, February 14, 2014

Gear and .....

and better weather!
Friday was EDO, now that I'm in Calgary I don't get every Friday off but every now and then there are Fridays off, today is one! And I'll take that with week nights at home over my previous schedule.
Got my last rabbis shot (jay!) then picked up my custom made bike bags. These are no strangers amongst our group of riders. Craig used these super light weight bags during the tour divide and even though they feel like waxed paper, the held up just fine. Great craftsmanship by Scott and Porcelain Rocket. Having the ability to ride with nothing on your back is in my view a great advantage on longer days and now that I have the light weight version, and a few variations I should be set for anything. Test ride tomorrow, a little overkill but empty jersey pockets! Dropped my bike off at Ridleys for a break fix (rear this time! - gone). Got some awesome GORE helmet cover, shorts and pants and it just made my day! Thanks Ridley's! 
Finally found some 3M protector film so frame is now all "protected" where needed.
Cesar had a change to get out for a ride today, great! With all the running around I was late for our planned ride, but we still got in a 3 and half our ride out to Cochrane on the south side of the highway, jumping pound road and back road into town, quick coffee and soup and then north roads back. Besides  a little trouble breathing it was great to be out again, the weekend look equally nice.
Picked mtb up at Ridleys again, SRAM what's up with your breaks?? Thanks for the quick turnover and at least the bike is ready for the weekend, but looks like they need some replacement before leaving. Cutting it a bit close but I'm sure it'll work out, it always seems to :) 
Tomorrow the plan is a mtb (on roads?? boys would like to test their rigs, I'm of a "choose the right tool for the job", so lets do trails if mtb and cross if all over the place....I lost the vote, so mtb it is)
Sunday, I've suggested ride then hike, see how that voting goes later.....ride is a given.
12 days to departure!
Happy Riding!

Larger one of the three bags, might not be used in Nepal, but would easily fit
puffy jackets and pants and extra clothing if required. Such nice craftsmanship!!
This one is the smallest, and will be on the bike permanently. It fits nicely a real tube,
my super tube (not so real), tools, patch/plug kit, lube, zippy ties, extra hanger and quick link. 
The medium bag, this one would also fit my puffy jacket/pants, and some food. Tomorrow it'll be extra gloves, some food, phone and a credit card!
Perfect conditions today!

Forgot my coffee stop shot, so here is my dinner shot instead! my own recipe -
"bike" pasta, fried egg and tenderloin - recipe develop while looking in my fridge
cooking is so easy when options are limited :)

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