Sunday, July 13, 2014

First full Week...

...of summer!! Stampeded week couldn't have timed it better! Here is a summary in mostly pictures...
Got in a couple of good commutes in addition to the regular half hour ride in. One morning explored Glenmore-Little Elbow-Stampede route, and one afternoon explored a new commute route for when office move south.
I'm not a true stampede but I must say I do enjoy the relaxed happy atmosphere in the downtown area during this week - people seem to take some time off in their busy schedule to actually look around and socialize with strangers in the coffee lineup. I did my duty and attended a work event Friday.
The awesome hot weather continued through the weekend and had a great ride Saturday with Alana, Trish and Andrea. Rode the first day of ST6 - starting in West Bragg. Great fun - think folks will enjoy. Today a little bigger (mostly in elevation) solo ride equally hot, and TR might wanna look at this as a future stage, hard but fun! Both day I rode the FS, still pondering about bike choice for the ST6 and after this weekend really enjoying the comfort of my Superfly100 (with a new shifter it would even be better).
Have two weeks to prepare and figure bike and gear out. Mostly resting, but a bit of a  riding trip next weekend; time dependent maybe get in Revelstoke or Golden and race the Gear Jammer in Squamish. A quick work trip to Van this week might allow me to get an evening sneak peak during the week - will see how keen I'll be on the bike packing thing tomorrow night.
Happy summer riding!

Great morning commute - got detoured around and ended with a great view of the city and stampeded grounds.


After work commute - went south one day, riding to Quarry park checking access to the paths. A few sections like this still, but able to get around most of them with no issues.

After Quarry Park I continued south, and learned that the southern bridge is yet to be fixed. Ended up way south and found a way into Fish Creek - and it is always a good ride - a few flood damage signs still as well.
Used to be a path connecting the other side...

Rodeo time!
And a few visits to our water hole!

Hot Saturday ride - Alana getting cooled off in the creek.

To of RoS decent!
Henry waiting for his group at the start of RoS as well -
 think we saw all of Calgary out today!

3 weeks in Europe and a little sick - still hung on good
Alana on the final decent of the day - Strange Brew
That's how hot it was!!!
Cool feature by the new awesome bike shop 22x and Creekers Bistro -
bike shop and good food/coffee goes hand in hand!
too hot for Toby ride - but great for river walks!

Sunday solo ride - forgot socks! first sockless ride -
it worked out great in the heat!
This is how hot it was today - in the shade on top of Sulphur trying to cool off

Best part of todays ride!

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