Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy Canada Day!...

... not quiet like the "17 Mai", think everyone has their own way of celebrating..
Here is Toby and my Canada day in s few shots....
Happy Canada Day all!

Could not have asked for better weather - first real day of summer!
A great morning hike down to our favorite spot with SQ and Mer
SQ loving the cool water
Toby enjoying the tall grass
Not a cloud in the sky
Say cheese!!
Just a great morning to be out

Toby and SQ having a go at it in the grass

Then some bike cleaning before heading out to Banff for a recovery ride with Toby.

Had a great ride with Margie, Dirk, Zip and Toby out in Banff. Rode the full Top Notch which is truly top notch!! Great fun! Then played some more, until dogs suffered from dehydration and beat up paws (oh bad dog owners, as Dirk was reminded of....).
Dirk almost made it... well not quiet... Top Notch bottom, such a great trail - a must do if you're in Banff!
First water stop - ok, so the dogs did get a little water on the way...
The blind dog even spotted the Elk - or sniffed them... :) Not easy to see but there was a couple of real Bambi's too.
Toby enjoyed the view of the Elk - would much rather be off the leach I'm sure at that point
Which one is Tunnel Mountain again?? :)
Second waterhole - it was a hot day for the dogs
Oh yeah, but now where too! Both dogs paws were pretty done from the run, so a truck pickup was handy...
And then they were really done!  Great lunch on the patio.
Then some parade - not school kids as at home, but very similar to "borger toget".
Made it back to the hood and time for some Angels ice cream with Chad and Mer....
A national holiday without ice cream just wouldn't be right...
Then a little furniture moving - check out Kijiji. for this red couch soon! (not including good looking dog and guy)
And a little final Canada day visit - Sarah representing in red and white.... and tomorrow back to work :(

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