Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10 - coldrrrrrrrr

-39C (not counting windchill factor!!!) this morning!! what, where is spring?? Interval day and I refuse to get on the trainer.... to continue...

..part 2

...ended up getting dressed to get trails cleaned and prepped for expected warm weather later this week!! Got first section of the Fisheries done with help from Ken, Meredith and dogs of course! I didn't wear my vest today as I my back needed a break while shoveling and I hoped to get most of the trails done in one shot. By the time we were done I felt I hadn't got much of a work in. So as a first this year, I ran the way back! And anyone who knows me, I do not run!! But with no weights holding me down I felt like a feather and it was just a nice way to keep warm. I run to the top of the golf course hill, looked down and couldn't resist a good ride on my shovel. It was a great tiem and now I got one interval in having to run back up again, wohoo.. not a complete waste of a day. Thursday should be great day for ride, by Friday it'll be +5 and too warm (we'll of course believe that when we see it) and time to get on the river for some long skate ski adventures...

I'm slowly starting to count down days to my road trip. I'm scheduled to be in Las Vegas for the 28th of March and will join a bike camp for a week. The camp will ride trails in Nevada and Utah and I'm super exited to be part of it and to get on my bike in shorts! My second week I hope to meet up with two other Hardcore travlers, Steve and Karen, in Fruita or where ever I can find sunshine and good trails. The third and last week is planned with McMurray friends in Moab, UT. If I then still have a job, I must head back to the north and if not....

Happy riding everyone!

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