Monday, March 30, 2009

cold in vegas...

Woke up to a pretty brisk morning, which felt kind of good on the legs. The ride today was in a different area than previous rides, so very exited to see something new. We arrived in this little town with a bike shop that is only open on Wen., very neat place, totally relaxed.
The ride once again was great, I could feel my legs when trying to put in some power on short little hills, but after a while they felt better. The groups stayed together (go/wait style) today with exception of two extra loops added to the our little group, my self and the two way too fast guys. Which I've until now characterized as "ex Olympian" and "wanna be Olympian", which both intended as great compliments. The "ex" has such great experience and so much knowledge that I am very fortunate to be able to grab part of it the last couple of days. The "wanna be" has the commitment and determination and the skills that in my riding life I have not seen much of, and that gives me the motivation and inspiration to push harder this week to stay with them. But to clarify, nothing to do with the Olympics, that was rather meant as a characteristic of someone who has the drive and love for the sport they do and does it for that reason. For those who have been following the Olympics for years (yes guess I’m getting old) knows what it used to stand for. So onward…
At the beginning of the ride today a fellow on a huge bike and sandals joined in to chat with ex Olympian, so I thought, great now it'll be a nice and easy climb! but don't let your self be fooled by a guy on big bike and sandals, he climbed and chatted like it was a walk in the park, which it was not for me. I got a good hard warm-up to get my legs going very quickly! The riding was very similar to the other rides, amazing landscapes and some great downhill after every climb.
During the 2nd extra loop at the end we got to see some wild "mules" or "donkeys", which over dinner some put the proper name on, Burro? Pretty cool anyway, but no camera as my head cam died 5 min into the ride pretty much (so sorry, no photos yet, but I believe camera man will lend me some shots after camp). Just before the top of the second extra loop’s climb my tire starting loosing air, so not only do I slow the boys down because I'm slower (lost sight of the boys quiet a it today), now my hardware is failing too! not good! but good old Stans did it's job again and sealed the small rip in the sidewall. From here it was some fun downhill back town. And by following the two guys and watching their handling on the downhills, I get to improve on my own skills, so not all bad being slow! The second ride, coffee ride of the day, got ditched as time ran out, everyone seem not so sad about that deal, me included.
Bike is now ready for another ride tomorrow thanks to the wanna be, for both doing the work and supplying the tire! New location is on the agenda, Hurricane UT, which leaves us with an hour less, so the roumer is we might loose our nap time.... but definitely some good riding will not be jeopardized!
21 with a few clouds tomorrow!

Happy Riding,

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