Sunday, March 08, 2009

March 8th - w/renters add

First just a quick note for those who have seen my room for rent add at or I promised a slide show with some additional photos at this site. So here you go....

So on to the regular... a week gone by! Still no spring in site, but we had a few nice rides this week. It's my first week of building up. Monday I took it easy, Tuesday I took the dogs for a good hike with my 16lbs vest. Wednesday we got a little snowstorm so I figured I'd take the dogs for a short ride on top of Wolverine, with that in my I put on my 16 pounder to get some extra in. As I got out on my bike I just had the time of my life. It was snowing and very windy, but in the bush it was just nice and quiet, my lights on the bike made it all look amazing and the sound from the trees rubbing on each other from the wind was all I could hear. It was cool, my dogs looked like they were let loose for the first time so I decided to go on and do the fisheries. And no regrets! I got in about 2 hours of amazing riding. I have to admin the vest wasn't as comfortable in the end when I was trying to make it up and out to the golf course hill, but we made it home with a big smile! Riding 2 hours in the dark during work week is usually something I don't get to do alot! Thursday I took it pretty easy, Friday Ken and I and dogs did a 3+ hour hike and trail fixing day after the snow, with the 16 pounder! Yesterday we got the added section of the trail in start of another snowstorm! It's still snowing a bit as I type. And looking at the week and with one hour lost today, I'm going to have a hard time getting my 11-14 hours in!! Hoping a hike with the dogs will give me the motivation to get on my trainer later's -23 (-35 with wind). Next week I'm in week 2 building, goal is to add another 3-4 hours and a couple of more pounds to the vest. Watching the forecast of next week, it should warm up by the mid to end of week, so better get out and get the trails ready for some riding by the end of the week.
Happy riding everyone!

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