Friday, June 03, 2011

First real ride..

...of the season. And I'm back in love with mountain biking! I could have done without the snow, but the hiking in knee deep snow was all worth it for some great trail riding.

Chad and Mike is down from McMurray and I took them out to Barrier Lake to do my regular loop, including Prairie View up, partly down, hook on to razors edge, climb back up quaite, and down Jewels.
The climb up was great, not too wet and no snow. As soon as we started descending we hit snow, so it was more or less hike down to razors edge and most of the start of it it, but then it the fun began!

Chad on the bike...

Something with the fresh mountain air, it does strange things to people...

Couldn't have asked for better conditions coming down!

Toby looking for something to chase.

The climb up from the highway (Quaite..) was not ideal, but still a good grunt and some snow hiking, I didn't mind it after the fun I just had coming down.
As we hit Jewels I got a bit concerned, as the trail was covered in knee deep snow as well, but thankfully it didn't last too long, and a supper enjoyable decent again! Big smiles and tired dog! Toby had a great ride, and had a grin from ear to ear the whole time. He must have been training hard in McMurray the last month as he kept up like champ!

After a good ride we figured a good ice bath of the legs in Barrier Lake would be good. Not so much! it was very cold and feet did not do so well, so my 7 min did not happen. Chad got in a second try but not sure he lasted 7 min either. Toby on the other hand enjoyed several swims to catch a stick and didn't wimp and cry like we did.

Chad chilling out!

Now I'm ready to try my new BBQ if it would stop raining for a minute. Then I need to figure out weekend plans, race or ride??

Happy Riding!

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