Thursday, June 02, 2011

Trips done..

...and now I'm ready for weekend BBQ!

No rides to speak of this week, but another mine visit. This time CA, after a few flight issues I arrived to LA and had a 2 hour drive to the Mojave desert. Arrived passed midnight so didn't get to enjoy the view but on the way back yesterday I quiet enjoyed the drive back to LA. Think I spotted some great potential mtb trails. Though after last weekend at home I decided to bring bike and stay. I quiet enjoy weekends at home and better yet, Toby is back tonight!
Chad and Mike is driving down for a weekend of riding and was kind enough to let hairy Toby join them...probably regretting already, as I'm sure he magically have pushed him self from the rear to the front, and left many white hairs behind to make sure he won't soon be forgotten.
Finally got a BBQ, only took me a year, but the assembly took my ride time so that's not so good.
Not decided on riding or racing this weekend. See what morning brings..

Happy riding!
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