Friday, June 10, 2011

Lazy Friday...

Tori ready to ride!
... started out pretty good, or rather not so lazy. Got up early to head out to Banff with some deadgoaters to see Tori off on her journey down to Mexico on her bike. The Great Divide or Tour Divide race started today and seeing all the participants made me think rather crazy things, such as if I had a bike right here, right now, I'd just join the ride and figure out the rest as I go, it'll be plenty of time to figure it out...... Though for some this is the result of a year of planning and preparing, their bikes were stacked with just the essentials, and hopefully the "justs" will be all they need. Tori on the other hand, spent just over a week getting ready, and she looked very much so, and was happy to be "sleeping in the dirt" again. Good on her, and we all wish her the best of luck, and you can follow her progress by clicking HERE and of course follow her blog. She'll have two races this year when she is done this one, and 17000 km or so??
So needless to say, after watching all these riders take off on such an amazing journey I had a hard time getting any of my other plans for the day completed, my mind was planning cycling trips, while I really should have been getting stuff done.

Bikes all stashed up!
After seeing them off from the start we stopped at MacDonald's for a quick coffee and breakfast thinking we had some time, then drove up above Canmore to see them again. But we missed Tori by a few minutes so she is on a mission, flying through! I decided to take the scenic route back to Calgary and it was a nice drive through the mountains.

Had big plans on getting both my race bikes ready for the weekend, but only got started on the one I used yesterday and noticed a few things. My little impact with the plank on lap one yesterday knocked out two spokes and put a dent in my rim, my pedals are coming apart and the bottom bracket seem to be coming loose again. So quick trip to the bike shop, unfortunately they didn't have time to do it all so we stuck with the critical item, the wheel, got it fixed and should be good. Tomorrow I'll rebuild some of my old eggbeaters and that should work for now, as both Hardcore, Bow and Calgary cycle did not have CB in stock.
By the time I got all that done (all=really nothing) it was supper time!

Now getting into two days of racing in Canmore.

Happy riding weekend!

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