Sunday, December 01, 2013

Dec 1 and first...

... ride on the bearspaw reservoir! Very carefully explored the shore line only.
So since it's back north tomorrow I wanted to get a long steady ride in today. It became the longest winter ride of the season so far, on one of my favorite routes. I'll have to let the map speak for that as I'm have no clue of road names or numbers. But it's the longer version of our north roads to Cochrane through Big Hill Spring provincial park, then back through Calgary through Glenbow.

Craig and I started from Cadence as usual but even before we had left Bowness he had me climb up a new trail and the legs felt the last two days hard! And I was totally over heating and soaked already. Not a great sign 5 min in to a 6 hour day! But it all passed. Made it through Tuscany Ravines, great conditions and up through Tuscany to the back roads. Craig also hinted he felt tired, but he road strong all day so not sure he was as tired as he thought. By the time we got to Big Hill Spring we were ready to get off roads, but we might have celebrated to soon. The connection to Cochrane was as tricky as I've ever experienced it, I would say this is were a Fat tire bike might be handy! It took a while and a lot of energy! ironically we did meet a fat tire bike guy on the piece of trail with no snow on as we got into town. I hinted he should try the connection, hopefully by the next time we will have a good path developed by the fat tire bike community!
The hard work through Big Hill Spring was nothing compared to the disappointment of learning there was no more soup!! The Mocha never disappoints though, so fueled up we road back through Glenbow. The Train service road on the south side of the rails where in pretty good shape. Needed enough focus to tire my brain out at one point, flew into the snow bank and took a minute... ah it felt good, I was tired! When we got to the reservoir Craig road down and visited with the ice fishing guy and got convinced it was ok to ride the ice! We made it almost to the end, but decided better jump off while we could, looked tricky to get up the bank of the shore. After some skillful maneuvers we both got up, and with bikes in hand!
So, awesome weekend of three great rides! I'm so fortunate to live in a place with access to such great areas all winter long.
Happy Riding!

First section of roads before we hit the gravel

Entrance to the connection trail from Big Hill Spring to Cochrane

No crossing log to walk over, it was gone under the ice flow, but made it over safely on the ice

Craig on Bearspaw reservoir, we were told 10inches....

didn't look like 10!!!

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