Sunday, December 01, 2013


...the ultimate pathway ride to start a weekend of riding after a couple of weeks off the wagon.

Even with the flood damaging several of our connection we are able to connect pretty good. We explored south first, including some fun single track and as it was Friday, we had the trails to our self. With the warmer weather our "riding on slippery stuff" skills got some needed practice but mostly the trails were nice and tacky and before the coffee stop we had a really good ride already. After break it was north bound. We made it on the pathway but the bridges across Little Elbow was out so had to ride a little section on the road through Mission. From there pathway passed the Talisman where we often get to watch all the cycling enthusiasts sitting on stationary bikes going nowhere:) I'm wondering what goes through their mind when they see us go by; though in the end it's all a positive choice of healthy life style.
The pathway onwards passed the Calgary Stampede is in a bit of a rough shape, but ok, just keep your mind on task. We cross the downtown bridge to the north side of Bow River and road passed the zoo to get some "wild life" sightings. From there is a great pathway going north, way north. Up to Stoney Trail pretty much and then west bound.  I'm not quiet sure of the communities up there, but most paths were pretty good, some are not maintained so a little extra work to get through the snow. A great climb up to somewhere close to the end of our ride, up to Edgemont. My legs definitely a little bit off after not riding much, but great way to start a three day jam.

Left the fancy winter boots at home as it was above zero for the day, though I was overdressed in general, my toes did get cold :(  Back to the real deal tomorrow.

Happy Riding!

Craig by the little elbow trail

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