Friday, December 27, 2013

Time to get fit...

... for Nepal and with almost three weeks off I'm on the cramming in program!

Don't have a super structured plan yet other than what I usually do; ride lots and long. It's never hard for me to get motivated to work endurance; long days hiking or long days in the saddle is by far my favorite. I enjoy less the stuff that probably makes you a more balanced athlete, and possible stronger athlete... Power workouts, intervals, strength training, stretching...and you name it... It just doesn't seem to have the same mental impact on me; the stress relief and fun factor. So over the years I've tried to find activities that in include some "cross training" but still remains outside where I love to be; like shoveling single track, moving rocks up and down little hills, wearing a weight loaded vest while finding the deepest snow to hike in and so in.... It upped the crazy person factor but probably gave me some cross fitness too. Last year, 2013, I just rode my bike! I think I had one day with skis on and maybe a few winter hikes, but mostly I rode my bike. Every weekend was perfect for riding so I could not pass on that as you just never knew when it would turn bad, and when 3 days a week is what you have....Result of that (and sign of a good winter in Calgary) is a vey unbalanced fitness (but happy mind). 

With 3 weeks to spare I have no excuse to not fit in some other stuff.... I still prefer the outside so the vest is out again but also plan to get some time in my basement (seems like I've spent 3 years down there trying to set it up to be a happy place,,,,, maybe its time to just get on with it....).

Started today -day one off - with a morning sunrise hike with Toby.

Happy getting fit!

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