Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's official ....

One of my lowest moments in TP,
(but most memorable), it was cold!
Nepal will pose some great challenges!
... I am going to Nepal and Yak Attack! I was a bit on the fence for a while as I really enjoy the Andalucia Bike Race in Spain, which only ends 2 days prior to Yak Attack. But all in now, and it should be an experience of a life time. Besides fitness I believe the biggest challenge will be to stay healthy, both through the long travel and through the race. The altitude (we go up to just under 6000m or so) could also pose some challenges, along with the weather which will range from sunny hot to snowy cold, though weather we are used to here as well.
Looking forward to sharing the experience with Jeff, Erik, Gerry and our Belgium friend Thomas. So let the preparations begin!

Our regular coffee stop, nice to not have 100's
of layers to remove......
Today we started with Shawn, Erik, Gerry, Craig and I. And one by one left the ride (in that same order :). It was probably the windiest day I have experienced. Gerry, Craig and I had to work hard to make it to Cochrane, and just before town Gerry didn't trust our ways (not sure, first Erik earlier, now Gerry, is this a sign??) and from there it was just Craig and I. But as earlier, we got to enjoy some great trails to town, coffee and soup, then explored a little bit of the west pathways before heading back east with mostly tailwind. My legs haven't felt this beat up for a while, but since I was lazy on a Friday, I needed to get a good one in. And I did :) Thanks Craig for sticking it out even though you had a shorter plan. Just a great day to be out, with the wind comes warmth and dressed down to a more normal outfit for cycling, it was great!
Not sure I'll see too many faces at Cadence in the morning, but hopefully a rider or two will join to end the weekend before back north. Two more weeks of work then a nice break.

Enjoy the warm weather and ....

Happy Riding!

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