Sunday, December 15, 2013

Epic day on Calgary...

... pathway system ... post flood these rides are as adventures as some out of the city!

Many types of obstacles!
It was Craig and I planned, but as it was about 6 degrees when we got to Cadence Anna decided to skip ski with the goats and come explore on her cross bike. Craig and I did a little Edworthy ride on our way to catch her at her house. From there we rode pathways to Glenmore with some mini sections of trails and dog parks, stopped for a quick coffee and decided to continue south to Fish Creek to play on some trails there. The trails had not been trafficked enough to really get a steady ride on them so we tried a few and opted for the pathway which was in great shape. The plan was to take the East side pathways back to the city, but with bridges out we ended up unable to cross and was stuck on the Westside. Not a great place to be stuck if you are looking for a steady ride. We got to explore a lot, fence crossings, river riding, dog park tunnels, and some fun single track when possible. It would have been a good day to bring some snack!
With this spring like weather I don't think any of us minded the bit of a adventure; where else can you have such an epic day right in a city??

Now rest week up north again.....

Happy Riding!

Nothing could stop Anna!

Craig holding bikes while we climb fences!

Making our way down to the river,
path gone and big fence up.

Some pushing of course!

Anna was happy she didn't die (note... the water was a few
inches deep right there)
Craig and I (shadow), and my new office in the background!
(sort of)

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