Sunday, December 08, 2013

Why do I....

... choose to spend endless hours outside, mostly on my bikes. This weekend I've had a few conversation on this, well with variations but sort of this topic, and with the cold comes slower pace and more time to think.. so here it goes.

Why choose outside when it rains, snows, or well below freezing when most of the city is staying inside? Why choose to spend the very little free time doing the "same" thing over and over, and pay lots to do it too? Every vacation, pack the bike up and travel to far places to race or ride, and if race, mostly to ride in solitude, fighting the elements, fatigue and my own mind, with what in return? I choose this sometimes over family, friends and relationships; though I believe I try to find the balance, my kind of balance. Wanna join me on a 5 hour ride in snow so we can catch up? ... or a beautiful, all day hike through the deepest snow we can find, but dress warm is -20 or so?

It's quiet simple in my mind, but not easily expressed in words.

I'm not great with music, couldn't name a song, or remember a lyric or connect artists to the music etc... but I enjoy it, in fact, I depend on it in some cases, like during hours of commuting north. It helps me see passed my growing frustration to all the wasted time, and let me "travel" to beautiful places.
I am mostly drawn to the sound; the instruments and the melody. What draws me to it?  I believe it is the ability to make my own interpretation, it can bring me to wherever I need to or want to be in that moment. I'm sure I'm not making any justice to the artist during my self interpretations but that is what I love about it. I don't need to know music or the artist or what drew them to making this music. It is what it is to me. Now imagine your favorite music and think of what it brings to you, how it makes you feel, where it brings you.... what if you could get to that happy place with out headphones, or speakers? and get multiple other benefits too, such as physical and mental health, shared experiences with good friends and so many other things....

The outdoors brings that to me, the bike is just a tool that allows me to experience more of it, it's not about competing or winning, or being fit, it's about a feeling and where it brings my state of mind. It's the perfect escape from the society we have created today, loud, busy, expectations to how to be. Whether I'm at my lowest point during a 9 day race through Portugal's amazing landscapes or riding in the midst of a snowstorm in Alberta's foothills with my friends, at that moment everything else disappears, no music is required to cover the "noise". I'm allowed to make own interpretation of the moment, what it means to me, there is no wrong, it's what I make it. I don't need to be the best, I don't need to be there for the same reason as others,  I don't even need to know why I'm there, there are no expectations (well besides a little bit from dad and siblings who like to brag). It just becomes what I need it to be in that moment. It's so focused, yet so free and so pure to the mind, complete happiness.

I think it defines passion!

Whatever it is that gets you to such place; don't let anyone every tell you it's wrong and don't ever give up on it --- perhaps find a balance but don't give up on it!

So to express in words why I do.... Cycling does to me what music does during flight up north; it erases "noise" and let me drown in a moment of pure joy. It allows me to live, how I see life.

Happy Living!!

Watch these couple of clips from ThePianoGuys. They have true passion: One of my favorite by them is Berlin, first clip, it really shows how passion allows you to escape and make every moment into whatever you chose (oh and for those crazy like me, is that a carbon cello??).
The other two close favorites too.

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  1. I can relate....yes, the black one looks to be made of carbon.